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  1. I buy mine at Costco and they work just fine.
  2. This is incorrect information. A preservative in a sugar scrub will not be effective b/c you have no idea how much water is going to be introduced to that scrub therefore you have no idea what percentage of preservative to add to it. If you preserve it and state that on the label then you are setting yourself up for a lawsuit if there is ever mold or bacteria that grows and the customer sues. It's best to not add preservative and direct customers to not take the jar in the shower but rather to use a dry instrument to remove product and take in the shower to use.
  3. They must have changed it after KY closed. It was the best cc I had ever found.
  4. I got your message. how weird.now I can see the other persons visitor message. so weird.

  5. Just checking things out

  6. Hello Texas brat! I was serious when I posted about your Santa hat--sooo cute! Will you be making them to sell when Christmas comes back around? If so, how do I order one? I'm not on Facebook, but would love to purchase one

  7. Did I say something funny?? I know I meant to say pour into your soap mold and not molds.(no plural)
  8. I have used powdered goats milk a long time ago and added it in powder form just before trace. I have also added fresh goats milk without trouble. I subtract the amount of water for the amount of goats milk I'm am going to use. Then, after I have added my lye water to my oils and pulse a few times then I add my goats milk. Pour into molds and freeze overnight and then put in the fridge for a short time and then take it out to warm up and unmold. Makes great soap and no icky smell of the milk or curdling.
  9. I have tried some of the lotions like the goats milk and it is yumma, very nice moisturizer. I love the butters like the shea/aloe whipped and the whipped shea butter. Not sure on the shampoos but they sell small sample sizes to try. The TNS bug spray is great, kept those nasty mosquitos away this past summer. The Vanilla 5th dark is awesome too. I am so glad I live in the same town as a supplier I love. I can pick up for free and I know how shipping can be a pain but ask for USPS in place of FedEx.
  10. You can request for your item to go USPS in a flat rate box. There stuff is outstanding and ALL natural even down to the preservative. shipping policy http://www.texasnaturalsupply.com/custom.aspx?id=14
  11. I did a test and smelled BBW body splash and then closed my eyes and had my daughter place one bottle under my nose to sniff and I ended up picking Peaks Twighlight woods over WSP's. Next will be the soap test.
  12. I have one from WSP and one from Peaks and they are both similar but I am pretty sure Peaks will soap better as WSP's has faded and is very faint in my soap. WSP's fo's seem watered down to me for some reason. Peaks fo's always soaps strong for me.
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