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New Here & Soap Pics


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Hi Everyone, I am new here, thought I better introduce myself. My name is Penny. I am from PA. The rest of my family consists of my DH, four grown boys and four maltese dogs. I also spend alot of my time doing transports for animal rescues. I started soaping in January 2005. I can't stop now. :) Would like to start getting into tealights, votive candles; already do wax tarts.

Here are some of my soaps:




I love to learn and hoping I can get candlemaking down.

Thanks for lookin'!


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Wow, thanks for the great welcomes and compliments!

The second one is a log in a log soap. The pic shows it not trimmed, yet. That was the first one I made, didn't make enough soap for the second pour.:rolleyes2 I love making confetti soaps......gets rid of my ugly soaps.;) It is scented with Citrus Blackberry from BNL. I love it.

The first one is a GM soap. It is really dark brown, now. That pic was taken when it was first cut. I scented that one with Sandalwood/Vanilla.

Thanks again!

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