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Wicking 1343...

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24 or 30 flat braid. I actually find the 27 works best for me, but it's harder to find.

Not hard to find if you go to candlewic lol!

Either of those, or I'll test a little bit with LX 24-30 (there's a range of sizes in there, but find I like the 26 or 28 better) or a #2 sq. braid. You were probably hoping for one main wick right?

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#2 square braid and 24 flat seem to be the most popular. (In my opinion, #2 is better because it doesn't curl as much.)

And for some reson it work the opposite for me. The square curls more :(

Added: I get the best burn so far with the 24 flat, though I haven't made alot with 1343 yet.

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