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I lost my cucumber...


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OMG... Me and this freakin cucumber.. First, DH wouldn't buy me one when I called him while he was on his way home. He hung up on me.

So yesterday I went on my "soap everything in wal-mart" expedition, and almost forgot it.

Today, I made my lye water for 2 seperate batches - first the avacado, next batch was going to be cucumber.

Avacado is in the mold. Decided to get on the floor and play with the kids for a while, then went back to start weighing out oils for the cucumber batch. Kids started screaming over a toy, and I grabbed the cucumber and brought it with me. (What was I thinking? Was I going to beat them with my soapin' cucumber?? Now I can't find it...

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Oh My freaking gosh! I really don't think you even want to know what went thru my mind when I read the title :shocked2: I was actually thinking that it was no wonder hubby hung up on you LMAO!!!!!!

Whip them girls into shape and don't beat them with the cucumber. What in the world did you have it in the bathroom for anyway? You are having too much fun, I swear! Mash it up and get it in a mold!

Can't wait to see pictures--of the soap :rolleyes2

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