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Soap bug Bites Hard


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Ok, here are a few that I have did in the last few days. Each one has a different recipe, and different fragrance. I did however redo the cool citrus basil since the last one was contaminated, LOL!

Cool Citrus Basil Log and cut. The brown was cocoa powder and it stayed kinda lumpy cuz I did't mix it well enough :embarasse



Lovespell with the wrong coloring cuz it bled like crazy but that is all that I had


Fruit slices that was suposed to be pink and it was very pretty until gel really darkened it.


Lemongrass and orange for hubby. Another bleeding dye


This one is Raspberry Patchouli. I don't care for patch so I tried to spice it up, lol! I think it was the raspberry from BCN that caused it to Accelerate fast as chit, cuz it looks icky! I mooshed it and mooshed it, but it is still FUGLY!


This was suposed to be Tidal Wave. Can't smell a thing, and it too accellerated pretty fast, but didn't get as funky as the raspberry. color WAS a bluish, not no more


And cut:


Until next time, lol! And I know my swirls really suck, but I keep trying! What the heck am I gonna do with all this soap now? And different recipes to boot, LOL, I am too addicted!

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Oh Heather, I'm glad to see you jumping and just doing it. I think that's the best way to learn. Very nice job on all of them. I made my first 2 crockpot soaps on Saturday. That was very exciting!!! Hubby asked me what I was going to do with all the soap. So far I give it away. I have to feel very comfortable before I sell it. Just having fun right now.

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Good work, toots! I made 3 batches last night....and some salt bars. I think the soap fairies beat my soap with the ugly sticks.....:rolleyes2
ROFLMAO, they are taking turns then! Lordy, one of us need to keep them, cuz them coming into both of our houses just isn't right :P
BEAUTIFUL soooooo inspiring!! I can't wait to try CP (alot stopping me right now- the BIGGEST- I'M AFRAID :rolleyes2 and I'm NOT good w/ directions)

It took me 2 years, and alot of cohercing from others to get here. I read and read, and then when I was tired I read some more. And honestly, getting in and actually doing it has been more than the best teacher! Learning from our mistakes is the best way to learn, and let me tell ya, I am learning ALOT!!

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Wow those look awesome!!!! Looks like another one bit the dust LMAO

Good job!

did shutterbugs unicorn on her avitar get faster, it seems like it is going a million miles a minute now LOL Sorry, didn't mean to hi-jack but I am cracking up at how fast it is going!!!

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