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My first layer and chunk pyramid candle

shell bell

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WOWZER! I've never seen anything like it. There's one color that I don't like at all, but the chunks, the solid areas ... how did you do that! I'm impressed!!!

Welcome to the board. I look forward to seeing more of your creations

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WOW. You sure got it together there girl. Must be something you Ozzie gals eat down under. I keep seeing pix of some prtty spiffy candle comming from there. Yours is definitely a winner. Keep up the great work and PLEASE, keep the pix comming, we love 'em

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That is the first chunky pyramid I've seen, and I like chunkies alot! Your candle is the coolest! Welcome to CT and please make more!


thank you i love chunks too and i am workin gon some more with a octagon pillar and the same pyramid i feel so welcome here its so great thanks again

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