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unintended bad design


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Here’s a fun one for hump day. 

DH was traveling for work recently and experienced something that made me laugh so hard it hurt. Then it made me think really, really hard.


here is his key card to the room. 




as any typical person would, he inserted the card into the door contraption head first. No bueno. The door did not unlock.  Repeat. Repeat. Curse since now he had to lug everything to the front desk for a new key.


lo and behold, this is a very common problem at this hotel. Solution: If you look really closely at the magical man’s swimsuit area you see a triangle that indicates the direction the card goes. 🙄😬

IRL, the card is a good deal smaller than this online pic. The triangle is not so obvious when holding the card, especially since your thumb naturally is over that area when using the card.


moral of of the Story? I’m not sure... maybe get a few opinions or do a few test runs with new design? 


Off to look long and hard at my own designes once more. 🤪

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I have a slight flaw in one of my ideas.  I put a 1 inch sticker with the scent on the right side of the beer label.  I do this for ALL of them.  When a right handed person picks up the candle the natural thing to do is to look on the left side of the candle.  I told myself 3 years ago to change this.  Not a huge deal, but similar to the card.



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Just wanted to say that is a good example of what doesn't work and should be changed. You have to be prepared to make changes and admit that what you may have thought was a clever marketing tool is not after all for one or more reasons. I usually end up finding out the hard way but at least when I finally figure it out I make corrective changes asap. I guess being the one person who runs a small biz making my own marketing tools its easier to make changes. If I were running a hotel or hotel chain I would damn well have hired marketing people that test out in real time beforehand.

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