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  1. I was browsing Etsy and saw these gorgeous mottled pillar candles. I decided to message the seller and ask about them and she said they are made with a blend of rapeseed and soy. I have never heard of that before. They look exactly like mottled paraffin. Has anyone ever heard of this? I don't know if you can even get rapeseed wax in the US and from what I've seen it has basically the same appearance as soy, more of a creamy texture.
  2. He told me on the phone that they do not test or make anything there. Kind of surprised me haha.
  3. That is basically like what happened with me but after 2 emails and then no response I called and spoke with the owner and he tried to blame it on the 464. I have since ordered a slab of 4625 from my usual supplier (Candles and Supplies) and so far it seems exactly like what I am used to. Still need to test it in my parasoy though. Did they give you a refund once you returned the remainder of the wax?
  4. Story Time: I recently ordered 4625 from a different supplier than I usually order from and received a case of paraffin wax. I started making things as usual, though something seemed a little... Off?... about it. The texture was slightly softer, still brittle and needed a hammer just like 4625, but as someone who works with 4625 a lot I could tell right away that this seemed different. I shrugged it off and got to work. My wax melts started coming out completely different. I have been testing a blend with 464 and they are usually creamy yet matte, beautiful, perfect consistency. These new ones were glossy, shiny, frosted, and cracking, even seeping fragrance. They looked horrible. I contacted 3 different distributors to ask about it, none of them had anything useful to say. I decided to try making votives, which I had never made before, to see what would happen. I used 6% fragrance because I know that is the max for 4625. They came out completely mottled and seeping fragrance. Now, I'm not entirely upset. I've always wanted to try making mottled candles as I love the way they look. The cold and hot throw of these little buggers is quite surprising too. I will probably keep making things with this wax. The problem is, I don't know what this wax is. I definitely don't think this is 4625. It shouldn't have mottled if it were. It just seems like a straight paraffin. But then what kind is it? I know they have different melt-points and whatnot. And no, the supplier doesn't know. They tried to say it was because of the 464 that I was having different results lol. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Oh I almost forgot to add, I blended it with 4630 and all the appearance problems disappeared. Here's one of my parasoy cute seashell wax melts. The shininess is glitter lol. Here is one with the new "4625". Here is the votive.
  5. I splurged this year and bought myself a stainless steel table from webstaurant. I love it. I do still put wax paper down when I'm making bath bombs though. That works wonders for making cleanup easier. I imagine it would do just as well with wax products.
  6. Where do you get rapeseed wax? I just spoke with someone today who is using it with Soy for pillars and I had never heard of anyone else using it. Her pillars were really beautiful and looked like mottled paraffin.
  7. This this this this πŸ™‚ this πŸ™ƒ this πŸ™‚ this πŸ™ƒ Then I would agree with @Forrest about using closer to recommended fragrance loads. If that isn't working you're probably wicked incorrectly. Higher loads are just going to cause wicking problems. Also. Cure. Do it. Stick it on a shelf. Put a cover on it. And don't touch it.
  8. Oh no...!! I literally just tested some wax melts I had cured for a while with this scent and my husband said I absolutely had to order more. Now I'm worried that it won't even be close to the same...😭
  9. Just tried it the other night and it worked great! I even used it on my biggest batch yet!
  10. I'm probably going to try a little batch like this today. I will try to post results. The weather is bad here in Maine too. Disgustingly humid. I've been trying to get stuff done in the morning or at night because basically all afternoon I'm just laying around sweating lol.
  11. That would be absolutely fantastic and you should totally do it!
  12. @Forrest have you tried making CP soap? There are books looking at it from a scientific viewpoint, how the chemistry of it all works. I feel like you might enjoy it. πŸ˜›
  13. I was surprised to see that he uses medium wood wicks in 9oz straight sided jars with 6006. I have tested it and they were massively over-wicked. I like watching his videos if only because he's one of the only candle making channels I know of. I've also watched Timber Ridge but couldn't stand some of the advice they give. We need a good YouTube channel for Chandlers! I have lots of amazing soap-making channels that I love to watch. I suppose a candle making channel would be hard because it would be like 10% pouring candles and 90% going over testing notes and swearing about wicks. πŸ˜‚
  14. Lol something similar happened to me. Then I made a few soy candles with great results and absolutely perfect burns. Then started adding paraffin for a prettier burn and an improved hot throw. Loving it!
  15. Basically you measure out all your hard butters/fats/solid oils and melt them with your hot lye water, then mix in your liquid oils and bam good to go. My recipe is like 3/4 hard butters: Shea, Palm, and coconut oil (I live in Maine so my coconut is almost always solid). And then Olive is my only liquid oil and it's only about 1/4 of my total. I'm wondering if it's too much for the lye to actually melt. Has anyone had success with this method? It seems really convenient!
  16. Yes 75% soy. I like to pour a little warmer with soy. Then I can usually get nice pretty tops, but then it's still ugly after the burn. No color helps prevent frosting too. Adding 4630 to it eliminates all uneven tops/frosting/anything like that. And it helps the throw a lot. I have one candle that I made that was 75% 464 and 25% 4630. It caved in when I lit it, so I started scooping it out and using it as a wax melt. The cold throw is so strong that I sometimes wonder if my husband put some in the melter without me knowing when I walk through my kitchen. The hot throw from the burner is wonderful too.
  17. I'm doing a 50/50 blend of them. I have not gotten any soot on the rim of the jar, but all my wicks I've tried so far have been too big and flicker and smoke a bit. I'm doing a cd-12 in an 8oz tin right now and about an hour into the first burn it is perfect. No smoke, no flickering, flame is just a perfect little beauty. We'll see if that continues. πŸ™‚ I've been lazy and taking my sweet time, but I would love to have found the sweet spot. I have high hopes for this one. 75/25 has a much prettier appearance IMO, but the only two I made at that percentage caved in when I tried to light them lol.
  18. I am loving blending it with 4630. Still really easy to work with, get the nice creamy look of soy without any of the ugly frosting or cottage cheese look when burning. Plus I'm assuming the throw will be much better when I get there. Still have to cure, but I guess that's okay. The burn seems really manageable too, so I love that.
  19. @Lighten Up and @The Candle Nook I'm happy to hear you are having success with Soy and really appreciate you sharing your stories with me! I tend to hear a lot of frustrated stories with soy, so I felt I needed a little reassurance. πŸ˜‚
  20. I found a distributor semi-near to me. Far enough that's it not really worth the trip unless we were going down anyway, down in Massachusetts. They carry 464 and the other GB soys, plus soaping oils. Between how cheap soy is compared to paraffin and the savings on shipping it is really really fantastic and I would buy a couple cases at a time at least starting out to try to save money and testing time. I am debating still adding some paraffin though, I'm really digging the 50/50 blend, but I would have to get that shipped to me. It might be worth it though.
  21. After a year and a half of fumbling around with like 6 different waxes and different containers I've decided to take the plunge and stick with 464 no matter what. I just completely ran out of it and I had to kind of make a decision about whether to order more or go with something else. I am really nervous because I know how frustrated I've gotten with it and how frustrated other people have gotten with it, but I'm committed now. Please assuage my fears and share with me your success stories lol!!
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