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Second CP


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Ahem- remember me? Huh Huh Huh?? I'd love to be your tester- :D

That is sooo pretty, love that bright blue, and I think you've got it girlie.

I need a mold of some kind so I can try my hand at CP. I've got all my ingredients, just nothing to make it in. :(

:thumbsup: Keep up the awesome soaps girlie, you're doing GREAT!!:yay:

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Ok guys! PM me your addresses!!!!! I'll send them out in a couple of weeks then...and Michelle- I just used a loaf mold (like the stuff I make my banana nut bread in) and lined it with a plastic bag from walmart...I'm so very impatient and I couldn't wait to have my husband make me a mold, and this worked perfectly. Held 2 lbs. of soap real well...I don't like the shape of the bars, but I'm thinking I'll just slice of the ends so they're rectangular. Thanks for all the kind words everyone!! I appreciate it so very much! :rolleyes2

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