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Molten Rapeseed Wax?!

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Hi there, I’m relatively new to making candles and have been experimenting with different natural waxes such as beeswax, soy and my newest wax, rapeseed. Although not having any difficulties with either beeswax or soy, rapeseed is a completely different matter . My previous attempts at pure rapeseed candles have all seemed to come alive and erupt up from the sides of the glass container like molten lava. I thought maybe it cooled tooquickly so next time I slowed the cooling process but it seemed tohappen again if not quite as bad as the first time but still not goodenough haha so I was wondering if anyone knows exactly what is happening/ what I’m doing wrong and could help me figure this out because I can’t seem to findanything else about this online and everybody else’s rapeseed candles look perfect haha


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That's... odd. Not going to create an "It could be..." list because I'm stumped. How about a list of questions.


I have never seen wax expand like that. I've seen weird shrinkage and a few waxes that have rounded tops after cooling but never smooth expansion past the rim.

Maybe moisture? Maybe high altitude? Is that 100%, absolutely can't be anything else, wax? It looks similar to frosting, shaving cream, body butter, whipped soap... or something subjected to a vacuum.

What technique was used to cool the candle?

If you added a little bit to hot (not boiling) water, does it melt and float like oil?

Was any fragrance, dye, or other substance added?

Does the crater extend to the bottom?

I see dark discoloration between some of the "curds". Is that shadow, soot, or something else?

Did it visibly erupt or was it a gradual process?

How are you melting the wax and to what temperature?


The smooth side is what intrigues me the most. The flared rim around the wax tells me that it wasn't completely set when it started to expand but cooled quickly while doing so, keeping it from collapsing and causing the sides to be smooth as it continued to expand. That is, if it was a slow process. I don't know... something about it seems odd; as though compressed air or cold water was sprayed on it, displacing it and causing it to rapidly set. That's unlikely, but now I have the urge to find my can of dust-off and see what would happen (probably a huge mess).

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