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  1. I forgot to add something. I know this is "the community for all things scented" but what about other crafts? I'd like to learn about pottery and general throwing (is that the right term?). Perfect time of the year to learn how to make garden ollas...
  2. Soaping: HP, CP, master batching lye solutions, HP liquid soap bases, etc. Suggesting this because I was recently bit by the soaping bug and got a couple books about it but have yet to take the dive and get supplies. Still anxious about working indoors with lye, but HP looks interesting. Technical stuffs. What is syneresis? What are fisheyes? What products can be made in gel form and what are the differences between the more common gellants? What plastic to use for product packaging? Dimethicone/silicone-free hair products. Pomade and forming creams, in particular. The process of having a fragrance duped. What is a "code"?
  3. Keep in the mind that the BA sanitizers have an alcohol content of 62%, which leaves a narrow range of 0-3% for additional components without going below the minimum alcohol content of 60%. IDK if there could be any legal issues with freebie sanitizers. I know that retail sanitizers have to go through thorough testing and federal approval before receiving the go-ahead. Whether or not that applies to nonretail... IDK. Some of our local distilleries are using their alcohol to make sanitizers, which I'm 100% certain haven't been lab tested or gov. approved given the short period between start of the pandemic and their production of sanitizers, to give away and so far there hasn't been any mention of FDA or CDC crackdown or warnings on them... although both have become a bit irritated with crafters and novices making their own sanitizers.
  4. Lotioncrafter's Polymulse, MakingCosmetic's GelMaker Powder, and New Directions has Ultrez 20. Those are sold out. MakeYourOwn has carbopol 940, which is sold out as well, and IDK if it would be useful in making a hand sanitizer. No ETA's, AFAIK.
  5. Noticed that Lotioncrafter put up an announcement saying that sodium carbomer will not gel 70% isopropyl but HPMC will. Ordered the HPMC. Will save the carbomer for summer aloe gel or use it with the ethyl rubbing alcohol. Wondering if Polymulse requires neutralizing; have read conflicting information. Worse case, ditch the gel and go with a spray. Interestingly, some commercial sanitizers list carbomer but no pH modifiers or buffers. What sort of carbomer could they be using? Midwest Bottles has a lot of bottle sets that would work. Trying to decide which to go with - NG or Midwest. I guess it'll come down to shipping speed/cost. Was thinking of subbing aloe for a diluted hydrosol. Not going to do EO's but will try skin-safe fragrances at .5-1% since they'll give me a reason to use up a few samplers. Sanitizers are supposed to stay wet on the skin for 1min? Uh... No commercial sanitizer I've used has ever lasted more than 10-20sec unless I used a giant glob of it, which usually glides off and makes a mess.
  6. Anyone know where I can get travel size (2-4oz) bottles, sprayers, and disc or flip caps individually? I've had my eye on BA, since I can get CP/HP and other supplies, but almost all of their closures are sold out. SKS has plenty in stock but their package counts are more than I need, considering I need a mix of closures. Patiently waiting for sodium carbomer to arrive. Got an order through just in time. Now, all sodium carbomer is sold out. Supplies are selling out fast. The 2 day processing delay is now 3-4. I guess either people are stocking up since they're going to be cooped up indoors or they're catching on and making necessities from scratch due to shortages.
  7. Have you considered bloggers and vloggers?
  8. Did the water land on the tops or did surface droplets develop while sheltered and dry? Was there a sharp change in temperature (a front moving in, maybe)?
  9. Unfortunately, here in VA, ABC requires an industrial, commercial, culinary, or medicinal use permit for grain alcohols as strong as Everclear. Going to have to go the isopropyl route... for now. It's sold out -everywhere-, but I have a few bottles stashed away for first aid. Even alcohol prep pads are starting to sell out. This is becoming ridiculous.
  10. I've seen aloe gels at drug stores. You confirmed my suspicion that they'd turn watery if diluted with alcohol. I think I'll order some of the sodium carbomer to give that a try and to have on hand before it's sold it. The AloeThix is already sold out. The demand is real! Some stores have removed big brand hand sanitizers from their sites and others are limiting order quantities. Sprayable sanitizer idea was inspired by the The Honest Co. hand sanitizers. Their base formula seems to be alcohol, aloe juice, calendula and chamomile extracts, glycerin, and water. The others are scented with natural ingredients. That'll give me an excuse to try the overpriced WSP EO-based FO's. Might even try to make a Thieves Oil blend. My only issue with the spray sanitizer is that it seemed to evaporate before it could be rubbed over the skin. I wonder if a little PG might help with that. Going to grab some baby wipes and try that too. Hopefully, those don't sell out. I just realized that I need to find a source of ethyl alcohol with high enough ABV. High proof grain alcohol isn't going to work. Need a permit to purchase that here. Denatured alcohol? Isopropyl?
  11. @TallTayl Do you use aloe as well? I'm wondering if the stuff at the grocery store will work (Fruit of the Earth Aloe Juice - Kroger has an awesome price for 128floz) even though it has citric acid in it. Would the citric acid interfere with the neutralized carbomer? The pure aloe juice from Making Cosmetics does mention that it could lower the pH and require balancing with TEA. I'd like to avoid messing around with TEA and aminomethyl propanol... if I can. Trying to cut down on shipping costs by using locally acquired ingredients, especially for heavy ingredients like aloe juice and ethyl alcohol. I can't work up the nerve to order a premade base as I'd be paying (including shipping costs) for something that's primarily alcohol and water, which I can get from several places within a mile or two. Maybe 100x aloe powder? It appears to have maltodextrin in it and I'm concerned about that. Would the alcohol be enough of a preservative to keep things from feeding/growing off the maltodextrin? 200x doesn't contain it but is more costly and requires more precise measuring. I guess I could do without the aloe and go with straight water. Or a sprayable liquid formulation rather than gelled; wouldn't need carbomer so the pH would be less of an issue.
  12. What is that? Guinness record for largest carbon ball?
  13. Off the top of my head (might be wrong), Calwax has: EC26 - soy/coconut CCP1 - coconut/paraffin Ceda Serica - coconut/apricot (with some paraffin)
  14. I was reading earlier that contracting the virus is going to be more likely through contact than through air (was reading about the effectiveness of the N95 masks and why they're not the silver bullets many people believe), which got me thinking about sanitizers and soaps. It's being said that washing hands is going to be the best deterrent and hand sanitizing less effective but still good if washing isn't an option. Good thing I'm a borderline compulsive hand washer. Can't say the same about the rest of the household. The sanitizers I looked at ranged from 62% to 70%. I'm wondering if a mixture of alcohol, aloe juice, glycerin, and water would work. It would significantly cut costs and should be thin enough to spray. Hmm! A travel size multi-use, skin-safe sanitizing spray... disinfect your hands, disinfect the tabletop at a restaurant... Out of curiosity, are sanitizers regulated as drugs and require the whole independent testing and submittal of results for FDA approval? I use peroxide everywhere too (peroxide + Dawn works great on stains!). Sometimes I'll break out the vinegar (vinegar + Dawn works great on soap scum and grease!). Rarely the bleach (not a fan). Lysol wipes are a staple.
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