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Is my scent dead or just playing possum??!

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I poured 2 lovely new scents yesterday which I did test before pouring 4 each for a customer.  The scents are Lemon Verbena (FC) 8% and Wood Sage and Sea Salt (JS) 8%.  I use 11 oz rocks glasses, 6006 and CD8 wicks.  Both smelled wonderful when  I poured them yesterday but this morning when I went to give them a sniff I can barely smell either one.  I do find that the softer scents like the Wood Sage (a sandalwood type scent) like to hide for a while before appearing but I was surprised that the Lemon Verbena is being so shy.  I have them covered and I'm playing some smooth jazz to relax them.  I'm sort of kidding......I'm hoping the smooth jazz will relax me.  I've been up since 4:30 making inventory for a customer before I head off to work 😅 

Am I jumping the gun on worrying about this? 

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I’m no expert, but I recently poured some 8oz tins that had almost no scent once the wax cooled. The scent got stronger every day for several days. It too three or four days before it was strong enough to tell the different scents apart.

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