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Igi 6006 wick suggestions and other questions

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So I am now to this forum and I apologize in advance if I've not posted in the correct place. 


I am using igi 6006 parasoy wax by itself (I haven't added any extra soy like many do.) I use 8.5% FO added at 185•, and I pour at 170•. I let them cure 24hrs before my burn test. I am using 3.1" diameter jars with 8 ounces of wax in each. 


So far I've tested 6 different wicks. 

I've tried the eco 8 & eco 10 first. They both produced insane amounts of soot and the flames were flickering almost nonstop.


I've tried the eco 6, LX 22, CSN 14, and a medium zinc wick. 

The photos are after an 8 hour burn. I burned for four, blew them out then relight. I took these just before blowing them out. 


The csn 14 is probably my favorite, but I can't quite tell yet. The burn pool doesn't seem like it's going to be large enough. When lit, the flame is very still and doesn't flicker much at all. The only downside is if any wind comes around the flame, it smokes like crazy 


The eco 6 burns beautifully, but the burn pool seems too small. The 8 is the night size up and that was too large, so I have no clue where to go from there with the eco wicks. 


I like the LX 22, but I'm not sure if the melt pool will be large enough and the flame sometimes dances. 


The medium zinc obviously wont work. The flame is very weak and the melt pool is only about 2".


The other question I have is about different FOs needing different wicks. 

Do I really have to test each FO to find a specific wick for each one?

It just seems like that would cost a few grand and be VERY time consuming. 

(Say I want to test 30 FOs. I'd need 30 jars. I'd have to have multiple wicks of each size and each brand. The amount of wax this would take would be enormous.)


thank you in advance!







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Hi and welcome. 

Here is a thread or two that might be helpful.





If you type "6006" in the little oval with the magnifying glass in the top right corner you will narrow your search to your wax. There are quite a few threads about it from recent days to long in the past.


as for testing, yes, you will need to test every single fragrance. The testing becomes simpler once you figure out what wick(s) work best in your wax. Some fragrances I must wick down several sizes, others I must wick up several sizes. It is not a once size fits all safely sort of hobby, unfortunately. The good news is the more time you take to learn your wax early on, the easier, and less costly it will end up.


The cheapest way I found is to figure out what wicks play best in my wax and container is to test unscented, without adding any fragrances to compound the variables. At least I can keep melting down unscented wax to find the right combo. And then I know my wax inside and out so troubleshooting is a breeze. Add one variable at a time (color, or scent, or if stabilizer, etc) so you know exactly what changes are normal for your wax. 

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I use 6006 wax and in my jars (which are 3.125 in diameter) a zinc 60 and a LX 22 are torches. Maybe it’s because I only use 7% fragrance oil?? I also do my wick testing without any wick trims because I don’t think many people actually trim their wicks. A lot of my fragrances don’t get a complete melt pool until almost half way down the jar, but they do not end up with hang up by the end.


I will tell you that two different suppliers did recommend an LX 21 and a LX 18 for my jar size (again 3.125 in diameter) but with that size wick, I got soot and a container that was way too hot for me. 


How hot are your jars after a four hour burn or so? 

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CD wicks have worked well for me w this wax. Buy a sample pack bc each online supplier has their own wick chart w different recs. 

I buy most of my FOs from candlescince but they rec ecos for this wax and I seriously think ecos are the worst in 6006. They do work beautifully in GB444. I've also had success with LX in 6006.

btw one thing I learned in these chatrooms and am grateful for but find unfortunate at the same time, is that the same wick type and size can vary according to supplier! Which totally sucks bc it reduces your chances of streamlining your buying process and saving on shipping! 

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9 hours ago, Nivia said:

Hi so I need assistance so I tried the Eco 6 pretabbed for my IGI6006 but for some reason it curls up and burn out quick. I am looking into another wick if there’s other one better please help me out. 

What size jar?

Also, is it possible there was an air pocket under the surface near the wick? 6006 is bad for that, and it will cause what you described.

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