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Newbie from NJ


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Yes, we live on top of a mountain and can actually see the sky and the stars! ;) Did you live in Bergen county? Very congested in the northeastern part of the state these days. Still beautiful areas though.

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Welcome...nice to meet you!


So you just started out in this awesome world of candlemaking...It will be quite an adventure especially with so much going on with the changes in the waxes today.

You have selected a great forum to learn so much.  I suggest reading and reading on all the subjects pertaining to general candlemaking and for your choice of wax whatever you select....



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Thank you Trappeur! Happy to be here and looking forward to educating myself with candle making. My timing may have been better, in terms of all the inconsistencies with waxes, etc... but I'm having fun so far. I'm actually researching candle making as a potential business for myself and my son, who has a disability. Trying to find things that he would enjoy, can do, and maybe even make a little money along the way. It is much tougher than I had anticipated but it's only been a few months and I'm trying to be very patient and find a good process.


Thanks to all of you for being so kind!

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