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  1. LRed

    Color bleeding in M & P soap...Help!

    Thank you all! Ordered some mica and, so far so good.
  2. LRed

    Color bleeding in M & P soap...Help!

    Sorry to ask this question but, what company does TKB stand for? I was also looking at Brambleberry for non-bleed colorant blocks. I might order a sample to test.
  3. LRed

    Color bleeding in M & P soap...Help!

    Ordered mica from Bulk Apothecary. We shall see what happens. Thanks again!
  4. LRed

    Color bleeding in M & P soap...Help!

    Using soap liquid dyes from Candle Science. I guess I assumed they were non-bleeding. You know what they say about assuming! 🙄 I will research the non-bleeding dyes and get some micas to test. I purposely didn't use micas because I thought they were sometimes difficult to disperse through M & P bases quickly enough. Thanks for the recommendations!!
  5. Made some M & P soap (Stevenson's Triple butter) with imbedded colored chunks made of glycerin M & P (also Stevenson's). Looked great in the beginning but after about 2 weeks, the color in the chunks began to bleed through into the white T3 base. What am I doing wrong? What can I do to prevent the bleeding? Thanks, all!
  6. Thanks, all. Yes, the wicks are primed. I'd rather not prime them after cutting but I may have to do that. The tops look ugly but they don't seem to affect the burn but the flame doesn't look nice and straight up. Ugh! TallTayl, what are you doing to deal with it?
  7. Hi all, I just bought a few packs of various ECO wicks from CS. I noticed that when I used the larger wicks, the threads are separating at the top during burn tests. It's not mushrooming. I can see the individual threads separate on the top. I don't see it happening with ECO wicks below ECO 8 but it's happening a lot with ECO 12-16. Any suggestions on how to keep them together? Thanks!!
  8. LRed

    Men and Candles

    Haha! So true! I used to volunteer for Xmas wrapping for charity and the men were always much easier to deal with. They buy, I wrap, they thank me profusely, give a donation and go on their way. Men also tend to tip more. Yes, I know that sounds sexist but it's just my general experience. Hey, a customer is a customer, right?
  9. Hi all. Just wondering, what's the max time you've kept a container soy candle before deciding to discard it (or not sell it)? I can understand if you see discoloration, loss of fragrance, unexpected order, etc...but assuming it looks and smells fine, do you have a particular time you keep the candle on the "shelves"? Thanks!
  10. LRed

    Candlewic, here I come!

    Oh, it's too bad you didn't get a chance to hang out and sniff. It seems like you were able to get a few scents that you liked though. I bought a sample of the Moonlit Path too but haven't poured it yet. Let us know if the Snowflake and pine combo works out. Good luck!
  11. Hi All. Can anyone give suggestions for reasonable label printing companies? Designed a logo and set out to have it printed into round product labels. Tried VistaPrint and StickerGiant and both were very expensive for the size I wanted to print (2" x 2"). Thanks in advance!
  12. LRed

    Candlewic, here I come!

    Thanks, all. Just reading this thread gave me some good scents to try out!
  13. LRed

    New Member!!

    Welcome, Morgan!
  14. LRed

    464 better now?

    Birdcharm, I received an order of GW464 from Candle Science this week. I'd be interested to see how it behaves. Please let us know how you make out with the one from Candlewic. Thanks!
  15. LRed

    Hi ..no questions....just Hi

    Welcome Sunday. I'll take luck over work anytime!!! Hope you continue to have endless luck. This is a great forum. Lots to learn and very friendly members.