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Hi, Everyone!


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I'm Lisa, and I'm new to candle making. I'm glad to have found a place to learn about this daunting craft.  Yikes!  I'm remembering why it took me so long to jump into it!


I've been making soaps and b&b products since 2009.


And, can I say that my heart goes out to all of you who are now dealing with the fallout from the soy wax changes.  Oh. My. Goodness!  I can't imagine the frustration and stress! *shudder*

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YAY! A 'nuther'n!!! :bliss:

erm... I mean Hi! Welcome to the server of craft! This place is GREAT! I've fought the candle addiction and so far... (knock on wood) I've been  able to stick to soaps... well, kinda mostly sorta, there was that ONE time I did the smashed-popsicle-stick-wood-wicks-thing-a-mah-hick-doey...

But yeah, SOAP!  I'm a bubble head. :hello:

What is this coconut wax? (I probably SHOULDN'T have asked that... Fire+me= it could get "interesting")


Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services 

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5 hours ago, TallTayl said:

Hi Lisa! 

Your coconut wax trials inspired me to try a couple. Loving the HT and ease so far. I know you jumped in with both feet , and will do very well. Your soap and B&B experience will get you to a perfect candle pretty quickly. 


Hiya, TallTayl!

So glad you are having fun with the coconut wax! And, I hope you're right! I think I'll throw a party when I get it right. :)

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15 hours ago, birdcharm said:

Welcome to the world of wax ...

... there's a poem in there somewhere, I'll have to think about it!  :)


Wax. There's not much here.
Look, it's a poem dammit... 
It's a wax haiku.  

(I'll just go crawl back under my rock... No need to throw anything at me...) :laugh2:

The Executor
of Bad Haiku and Sundry
Services Galore. 

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