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Just Scent favorite fragrances?


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I need to place an order from Just Scent to replenish my favorite, Shampure Aveda Type.  I would love suggestions

as to your favorites from JS so I can put a nice little order together.  Thanks!

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I use a lot of her oils. Here are some that I like and have good luck with.

Buttercream sugar cookie (exact same as ICS frosted sugar cookie)

My Mama's blueberry cobbler

Caramel cinnamon Latte

Absolutely Fabulous Cake

Berry Buttercream Puffs (smells a lot like NG's best friends)

Birthday Cake-smells a lot like FB's 

Blonde Moment

Blue Cotton Candy

Butter Rum Cappuccino 

Buttered Maple Syrup

Buttery Gingerbread

Cafe Au Lait

Cardamom spice cake

Chestnuts and Brown Sugar

Coffee Ice Cream

Cotton Candy

Cranberry Cobbler

Cranberry Pomegranate

Downy Lavender Vanilla

Jingle Bells

Oatmeal cookies with icing

Orange Caramel Crumble

Orange Dreamsicle

Orange Sherbet

Peppermint Meringue

Santa Baby


Snicker Doodle

Snickers Coffee

Sugared Apples

Totally Scrumptious

Vanilla Buttercream Crunch

Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone

And a few more but these are the ones that I like the most. Some don't sell very well for me but they might for you.




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I use their my mamas blueberry cobbler- avacados and sea salt- cranberry orange- butt naked- Funkey monkey and pink sugar 

I used to use their beckys ultimate vanilla but switched to WSP vanilla bean Noel and their lilac but that one lately has turned a dark color within a week of receiving and not burning correctly so I am testing SC lilac now and I also used to use their cinnamon nutmeg ginger but switched to FC nutmeg ginger 

I LOVED their wild currant sandalwood but they discontinued it and am savoring what I have left for myself 

I tested many others that I really liked but I had to draw the line somewhere.....have more oils than I can use as it is 

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1 minute ago, Candybee said:

Has anyone CP'd the Shampure? Always on the lookout for a good shampoo fragrance for my shampoo soap line.




JS's Shampure is awesome, in both scent and longevity in my wax melts.  

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