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My weekend soaps


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So here are my weekend soaps. 

Black/White/Pink = Love Spell

Yellow/Green = Apple Pear mix

Reddish Pink/Pink = Strawberry, Rhubarb, Watermelon - Not impressed with color or scent. Was supposed to be more distinct, and more red / pink to make each color stand out more.  

Eh, Oh well. There's always next weekend to try something different... 











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I am really liking the green. I have been on a serious green kick lately.


They are all are great.

The green/yellow one is probably my favorite for the scent - Smells so good. It's Green Apple Essence (Peaks) mixed with Bartlett Pear (also Peaks) and it is delightful!! Which is why I named it Herbal Delight. :) 

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I love them all! My fav is probably the love spell. Love those colors!!


So how are you liking the green apple pear? Its awesome isn't it? It makes a fantastic scent for my shampoo bars. My customers have been loving it ever since I debuted it this past holiday season. I also use green but I make mine pink and green just because I like those two colors together!

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