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Woodland Candle holder


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woodland candle 2.jpg



A fairly quick but easy project that is only limited by your creativity.


Candle holder using Polymer clay.


Supply list


Polymer Clay
Cutting tool. Exacto knife, clay blade
Mold, I got mine at Walmart it is usually found in the cake decorating section that is by the party supplies.
Roller and index cards or pasta machine
Baking surface What ever you use to bake do not use for food again. I use a 6x6 smooth tile.
Oven. Dedicated toaster over is ideal but a regular oven is fine use an oven thermometer to make sure of your baking temperature


Optional Items
Liquid polymer clay
Acrylic paint.
Gloss, Best gloss to use is Varathane Interior Crystal Clear Water-Based Polyurethane if you can find it great if not Sculpey & Fimo both carry a gloss for polymer clay


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I love to look at other peoples creations  Even though I wouldn't be interested in doing something like that, I so admire talent of others!  But I could buy! lol - Like all the gorgeous soaps that people make here I've bought quite a bit of soap just to sit out in my bathroom! ha!



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