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I read this on Facebook

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I came across this article on facebook and it kinda scared me......I know there are many articles out there and have been many discussions but I have never read scent unlit could be harmful and to think I make candles......what is dispersed in the air clinging in my home- I use a room with exhaust and now wear a respirator but is this affecting my family what does get thru the house and having dozens upon dozens sitting around

Study Finds Horrifying Link Between Scented Candles and Health Problems

by Erin Cullum Dec 28 2015


Fall and Winter home decor wouldn't be complete without scented candles. Trust us, we love them as much as the next person (we even tested all the best pumpkin spice candles!), but recently discovered information has us seriously considering tossing them all out. Woman's Day and The Daily Mail have published results from multiple studies that link scented candles to major health risks — as serious as lung damage and birth defects.

What's even worse is that candles aren't the only culprits; scented aerosols, gels, and plug-ins are among "an array of hazardous substances which may cause lung damage and tumors, interfere with our hormones, and cause such lifelong problems as asthma," The Daily Mail reports. The scariest part? You don't even have to light the candles to be affected because "simple evaporation" can release the pollutants into the air. Common ingredients in many products are chemicals that you probably can't pronounce and that your body definitely doesn't want; these chemicals can even change the structure of your DNA.

Expectant mothers might want to be especially cautious of the types of candles they bring into their homes. Some studies' evidence suggests that hazardous substances can affect hormones, and in turn, cause problems with babies' hormonal development. Popular brand SC Johnson, which makes Glade products, is just one company that has faced backlash for its reportedly harmful synthetic ingredients, but the company directly addresses this information on its site and assures it uses "the most comprehensive database worldwide of safety evaluations for fragrance materials."

Of course, no study or statement is all-encompassing, but this information is unsettling at the very least. Will you think twice about your favorite scented candles, or is this habit just not worth giving up?

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That makes me feel a little better - when I started this years ago and began research I never came across info like this and when you purchase supplies they have no warnings or instructions and I never knew any better at all as far as just making them in my kitchen with no windows open and the family sitting around......I always figured if it wasn't safe it would say so and never thought it would be any different than burning candles throughout my house

Of course I now know the extreme concentration of making them and do not do it anywhere but in my room downstairs with an exhaust blowing most if it outside

That article just hit me kinda hard because out of nowhere my son developed bad allergies a couple years ago and was hospitalized and has since gotten pneumonia last year and needs to be on singular and Claritin all the time (which he never takes regularly claiming he doesn't need it)

When he comes home for weekends or college breaks I now lock all candles and FOs up - never burn a melt or candle and run my fan on my furnace continuously to filter all the air thru the UV gadget on our furnace before he gets there that is supposed to kill germs- dust and gases

His allergist says there is no way to test allergy of fragrance but he is severely allergic to mold- dust mites and pollen

Maybe I need to stop beating myself up thinking his allergies are my fault but it never leaves my mind

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Those generalized scaremongering pieces are simply click bait. If it were true we would not have very many functional human beings walking the face of the earth right now.

What is blamed on candles, etc. ignores ALL other potential health threats, like too many pets in the house, people smoking in the house, new carpeting, not cleaning the house, too many cleaning solutions used concurrently and used improperly, inadequate venting, pool chemicals for swimmers, car exhaust, inactivity, sitting around inside on facebook instead of outside exercising, over eating, eating junk food filled with empty calories, microwave pop corn, etc. the list is endless.

Open wide the windows for a period of time every single day. It clears the air and refreshes the house. I fully open the bedroom windows, for instance, as i make the bed and straighten the room every day even in the dead of winter. Today the temp is 10*F outside. And a window will stay cracked open as we sleep too. Fresh air is good.

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