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Need a mixer with orange


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EO's are expensive, so if you can get some FO's that smell like Lavender, Clove, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Basil and Lemon, you can add the orange. It will be a soothing smell. I do this in EO's for a blood pressure reducing candle and with the EO's it is pretty good. The FO's are not aroma oils so don't fake it. But it should be a soothing smell even if it is not medicinal.

Or you can use a chocolate/orange FO and make some flower mold thingies to put on top of your container candles. Maybe Vanilla base or Italian Biscotti or Pink Sugar. The flower at the top is a hot throw lead in. The cold throw will really confuse and excite a person.

Just a twist I do every now and then.

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