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Super duper excited! I did a craft fair this weekend!


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I ended up doing a small show here. It was a 'giftables' fair. The girls were super nice and looking for a few extra vendors so I thought why not! I have had a bajillion people testing out my melts and have heard rave reviews, so I took the scents that I knew were killer. I had a bunch of dipped bears and some melters too! I did plug in melters in gift boxes and the small ones sold out! :D

I did 18 X the table fee! :yay: You don't even understand how hard I researched how to have a nice table. I didn't even take a picture (boo!) but I made DH make me some shelves and I sewed a table skirt. I worried so much about that and you should have seen 98% of those tables! :rolleyes2 Rags!!! So much for me worrying about not being nice enough! I looked like a luxury booth! LOL!

The best thing I've done is getting those local testers! I had SO MANY PEOPLE say "Oh, you're THAT girl!!!" and tell me they had been to XYZ's house and smelled my melts and so on! It was great!

I sold out of tons. I actually panicked Saturday night because I basically had scraps left! :embarasse Thank god it wasn't too busy Sunday. I still did decent with what I had left! I had quite a few of my testers come and buy 6 clamshells at a time! Amish Quilt was gone in 2 hours!!!

I also did up tiny sample packs (about .5 oz per sample) of Amish harvest with my little label (I should really take a picture! They were so cute!) and handed them out to random people! I know that is a killer melt, so I'm sure people will want more!

The Scentsy girl bought my melts! :laugh2:

I've had a few people ask me about soy melts and even the Scentsy girl told me I should get into it because she's asked all the time about them. I will definitely try. I know soy is more picky. I have stuff here, but I'm not sure if it's the best for all soy melts though (464 and the advance blend, I believe I have).

Anyways, it was great! I feel great! It was fun and it was nice to make some cash! Now...I have to spend some of that cash on more FO! :lipsrseal

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Congratulations!!! Glad you had a great show. I make parasoy melts as a addon to my soaps and lotions. I have never had anyone ask for soy. All they seem to be interested in is the fragrance. No one has ever asked what kind of wax I use either. I had a bunch of 6006 container wax so that is the parasoy part mixed with straight paraffin. Just my experience. Don't change what works.

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I dont know what it is about Scentsy.My husband does the candlemaking.He went into a place that was burning a scentsy melt and came out coughing and choking.He doesn't know if it was the scent or just all tarts are that bad with them.We both went in to another place. I had to leave.To gaggy.He stayed and said it bothered him.Our PO burns them too but they toned it down a bit but the other place my husband doesn't think he will do business with them because of the terrible strong smelling Scentsy melts. When it's hard to breathe for some people just think what it can eventually do to others.

I have a lady starting a craft shop and after talking to me she said she won't burn the candles or tarts because the effects they have on Some customers.She wants business.I never burned a candle or tart at craft shows and when people walked past my booth they said it smelled so good.Most stopped, brought candles and always came back.


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Congratulations. I finally took the plunge and did some craft shows starting last month. There is nothing quite like introducing your own business to the world. It sure is a better feeling making money for yourself rather than busting your butt for a boss I gotta say. Good luck with your future shows!

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