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  1. My experience has been on the other end. I do melts and scented home decor and since that "line" had fallen off in sales, everyone and his brother was asking me to do more soaps,lotions, butters, balms, scrubs, perfumes, lip balms etc ( thank you WM candle pricing <rolls eyes> ) I was carrying 50 scents for wax and 20 full time scents for B&B with a list of 50 scents for personal individual orders. My B&B is now the main focus so I upped the full time to 30 and special order list to 60. I'm honestly doing as more B&B than I did wax because I can make top of the line product
  2. Well, after reading the problems you are all facing , let me assure you that in order to help your addiction , I will be more than happy to be the recipient of any "hoards" you need to purge LMAO !!
  3. This is going to be a long post and I will apologize in advance. The only soap I've ever made was from the exact recipe stated above from prairie and many many many years ago. I used the base from Aztec candle supply in Tennessee and I have absolutely no idea the brand name of that soap because they labeled it as their own so I have no idea where it came from originally. Now having said that and I know people probably not believe me but I have 3 bars of soap in a box on my dresser that I made over 11 years ago. I made a ton of soap and then got out of the business for a long time. I have a neu
  4. I truly do understand the frustration. Thanks for your reply and I hope more chime in.
  5. OMG I didn't know about Trap !!! My heart just hit the floor.
  6. As some of you know, I am just now getting back into this after 8 or so years away. I've just gotten in a large amount of samples from NF and my gf picked me up some 1oz of my favorite FOs when she made some purchases at BC and Aztec. There was one that my DS and I were eagerly awaiting to get ahold of after all these years... Wildberry Zinger Tea from BC. I picked it up today, opened it, sniffed and yep, that's it.........except............. what the heck happened ? It's about twice as WEAK as it used to be, not near the same bright yellow tint of the FO and well, normally when you opened up
  7. LOL Yeah I'm like a bad penny !!!!!!!!!!!! Hey there KK ! Hope you're doing great and I can't wait to see your stuff as well ! Kat
  8. Seriously , ya'll............ I've missed everyone so very badly. After I moved back down here, I gave up on all my stuff because the market was so flooded with candlers down here, I just couldn't compete. Then the health stuff slapped me in my face and I will be honest..... I made a concerted effort to NOT get on any of the boards because it just broke my heart because I missed ya'll and making stuff so much. Now that the market down here has adjusted itself ( which I am so horribly sorry for the ones who had to give it up ) maybe I can try to make a go of it. I'll do stuff I haven't done be
  9. Nature's Fragrance started a sale yesterday that goes through midnight Monday night, that is 20% off PLUS still free shipping !!! The FOHO in me is doing this evil lil smile and rubbing my hands together like a mad scientist !
  10. OMG woman ! I finished the first sentence and started crying !!!!!!! I have missed ya'll SO VERY MUCH ! I had no idea about Laurie and now I"m crying more. I hope she didn't suffer. As for being back down in the south LA ( lower Alabama aka hot and humid central ) I have honestly just became a recluse. ( severe heath issues I'll message you about because I don't think everyone reading would like to hear lol ) . I just hollered and told Aaron you were the one I was typing to and all I heard was " Thank God! Maybe now you... " as he walked off ! He's still my caretaker and gave up everything
  11. My DS has told me that I am no longer allowed to talk to you. .............. I have just emptied out three carts from vendors and about to order approx. 3/4s of their line of FOs....... Hi. My name is Kathryn. I am a fragrance ho. LOL Mamabear, I thank you for pointing me in the direction of Nature's Fragrance. My son however said ugly things as he walked off mumbling under his breath .............. LMAO !
  12. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.... I'm kinda an FO HO ............ pretty sure THAT ( getting over $40 ) won't take but about 5 minutes. ( I used to do wickless instead of candles, and I had buys in 3 distinct "want this not that " areas so there was a time, to fulfill orders, I was carrying and making right at 300 scents. ( I did however whittle it down to 200 LOL )
  13. Well it's a good thing I'm in my wheelchair and it rolls because I just got to their site, saw the Free Shipping over 40.00 and bout had a heart attack LOL My son thinks I've lost my mind lmao.
  14. I will Mamabear. Sounds good.............. But, I gotta take it back. I know I just read off the entire CS fo list with just a couple of RE and BC's thrown in. And yes, I realize the owner may see this and all I can say is .............. Rename your stuff if you want me to buy it because everything I was interested in, I already get somewhere else where I know it's good LOL
  15. I've been reading the names, descriptions and reviews of the scents and , well... it sure seems like a lot of the fo names are the exact same from the big 4 suppliers...... I thought it was in our, and the suppliers best interest to rename our fragrances ... I mean, I know there were a few I used the name of the actual fo, but I hadn't got past the J's when it seemed like I was reading off the same names from Candle Science, Bittercreek, Aztec and RE .. mainly CS... < shrugs > 😕
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