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Craft Show & Tell


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Hi Everyone! We had a wonderful day yesterday at our first craft show for November(We have two more this month. One this coming Saturday and another the following Sat & Sun) We made 5X times our booth fee and surprisingly our best sellers of the day in candles were Southern Sunshine & Day at the Spa! Crazy Huh!!

Our best selling melts were Mistletoe and Cranberry Marmalade. Melts outsold candle but not by much and our soaps could have sold better but I am happy with everything all in all. Our booth space was only 9X9 so our display was a bit different than I had expected but we had a "make it work" moment and I guess we did fine. Hehe! So below I posted a link to my YouTube channel of a short video of everything. I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching!!

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First off - nice set up JBN. We too had a show yesterday and melts and warmers far outsold candles which BTW are not in this picture. I snapped this Friday night. The weather here in Illinois was a little too nice to have a high traffic show but we still did well. Our biggest sellers were the pumpkin/fall scents followed by the Christmas scents. We used to display our clamshells on spinner racks but DH built these racks so we can display them in the same containers we store them in. This has cut our setup time down to less than an hour. We have 4 more shows this year and I have to say I'm ready for them all to be done!

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I like that rack, too! What's the make/model from Amazon?

Hi there! Here is the info. They have other sizes and colors too. I included a link to the product too.

Azar 700500-BLK Pegboard Counter Display, Black Solid Pegboard



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Thank guys!

I have a question though. With what I had to work with how could I have made the layout better? I felt some people didn't even notice we had candles until we put some of our best sellers on the melt display table for people to smell. Then they started to roll in. I just don't like a 9x9 space. What I really needed was another 6 ft table or black shelves. Guess ill have to wait for those until another time.

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