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  1. thebeesknees

    Mrs. Meyer's type scents in FO's?

    I have tried the JS Bluebell and it is a lovely floral. It didn't have a super strong ht in soy, but it was still very nice.
  2. thebeesknees

    These clamshells?

  3. thebeesknees

    Found New Ecosoya Q210 In Stock!

    So, I poured a 10 oz. apothecary jar with 9 oz. of wax. The color of the pastilles have a pink tone to them and darken when melted and poured into a jar. Has anyone else seen this pink tone? I used 10% pumpkin thyme fo and 2 HTP 105's. After sitting 24 hours curiosity got the best of me and I had to burn it. Ct was ok, nothing great. Ht was minimal, but after a four hour burn, about 1/4" mp, it smelled like burning trash, or so I was told by my mother. It did have a funky chemical burning smell. I think the thing that surprised me most was that the 2 HTP 105's weren't melting the heck out of the wax. Tough burn.
  4. thebeesknees

    Candle Science Chardonnay

    I use CS chardonnay. It is very grape and wine like and has an amazing throw in my soy.
  5. thebeesknees

    Wooden wick question

    Thanks Old Glory. It is so very hard to let them go. The wicks from Candlewic are treated and are twice as thick asBittercreek's. I'm going to go visit BC's wick chart again....CW doesn't have one. Thanks!
  6. thebeesknees

    Wooden wick question

    Im using Candlewic, 2 larges back to back. It's a 3" madison jar. I'm going to try some more combos tomorrow. Im so sorry about your Kodie. We had a border collie, Buddy, that we lost last year. He was the best dog ever. Cinder came along from a rescue a few months later. We were told he was a shepard mix. He's great with the kids, but recently has started eating our couch. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to post a picture from the reply box here unless I have a URL. I'll try and put them as my profile picture so you can see them....Well, that is my couch eater. If you click on the profile photo, you'll see Buddy in the snow.
  7. thebeesknees

    Wooden wick question

    It was burning for about 4 or 5 hours. The glass got extremely hot. The scent throw was fantastic though. I think I need to try a different combo of sizes. Thank you Old Glory! Your dog in your profile picture looks like my Cinder!
  8. Those of you that use wooden wick, how does this look? Sorry about the side way photo...i have no idea why it does that.
  9. Has anyone tried these wicks out? If so, what is your opinion.
  10. thebeesknees

    Repour line question

    Thank you all for your reply! I tested it yesterday and I need to go down a wick size. I used 2 zinc44. I also probably didn't choose the best scent, Spiced Orange. It was a very strong throw, just not true. (Don't tell my flakes of soy, but 4786/4630 wowed me!) Sorry about the upside down pictures, too. I did download them ride side up.
  11. I'm a soy gal and thought I would experiment with some paraffin container wax. The candle looks beautiful except for the repour line. No wet spots, no frosting gorgeousness. I never had to do a repour before (in a container) so, I'm not sure this is what a repour normally looks like. The wax I used was 60/40, 4786/4630. The repour wax is the same wax I initially used, just reheated after sitting all night. The initial pour was 170 and the repour was around 200 (maybe that was too hot?). I'm excited for the test burn!
  12. thebeesknees

    ISO Earthy Sage

    I really like Desert Sage from EBB. To me it's earthy with a twinge of camphor. It throws really well in 444, too.
  13. thebeesknees

    I need a new name for Bite Me

    I renamed it Sherbet Punch.
  14. thebeesknees

    Pillar burning opinions needed

    Scented, my melt pool is 1/2 or less. The scent throw ( Strawberry Musk) started off being not that great in the first 3 hrs of burning, but blew me away the rest of the time.