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  1. if you would not use them I would happily buy them from you - I can paypal you if you can accept paypal
  2. using IGI 4625 wax - (guess my editing window is gone, must be a very brief time frame)
  3. so can anyone make a suggestion for other wicks to test for votives? the diameter of the candle is about 1.80 inches from the mold; and the cup I burn in is about 2.5 inches ..I was thinking of trying HTP 41 or CD 5 - thanks again.
  4. thanks for that BusyBee - in all my Googling this company did not come up. Now I gotta decide if I want to pay the $12 shipping - yikes!
  5. Hello - LX 10 seems to be out of stock everywhere in the US ...any one have a few they could spare? Testing is at a halt until I get a few. Thanks for the help!
  6. Here's a couple pics - these were taken at 1 & 1/2 hrs into this candles second burn. Wick already needs trimming - flame kinda big. Would the addition of dye impact this much? This is one of the wicks suggested by various guides that I found - for the size and wax. I understand that does not guarantee it is the right wick. Can you suggest where to go from here? . Thanks so much (sorry these are so big - not sure how to resize them) ps -.I also took a 15 second video but being I'm on data where I live - that will have to wait, not sure the file can be accepted here anyway (??)
  7. My first votives. I used LX 12 wicks. IGI 4625 wax. 6% FO. I had no dye but intend to use it in the future when I get some. This size wick seemed to perform well as far as the melt pool at the1 hour mark, the 2 hour mark and the 4 hour mark. HOWEVER it need to be trimmed at about 2 hour intervals. The melt pool was what I read I should look for at all intervals. But at the 2 hour intervals, the flame was a bit too high, began to flicker somewhat and produced just a little soot. This was eliminated with a little trim. BUT, I should not have to trim wicks while it burning should I? Does this in
  8. Thanks ErronB! I am actually putting an order together with them!
  9. Being I am new here, forgive me if this has been discussed several times. I am also new to candle making although I have made soap and b&b products for many years in the past. I am looking to know your favorite FO suppliers for quality FOs and price. I find WSP rather pricey these days. In a thread I read here, the supplier Flaming Candle was mentioned so thinking I might try them. I did purchase 4 sample size from The Candlemakers Store and they seem nice enough but I tend to shy away companies with no or very limited reviews - and see no reviews for anything on Keystone Candle Supply e
  10. Hello - new here and to candle making - ErronB, I wondered why you dislike CS so much? I am looking for suppliers and am considering them. They have what seems to be a helpful learning center and good customer service ...although I am seeing many thing out of stock as I look around. I am considering using their FOs ...your feedback would be helpful. TYVM!
  11. Just saying hello - and I hope this posts to the correct board. I just joined today - I live in NH on a non-maintained road, off grid. Life is an adventure! I am learning the art of candle making starting with votives. I also tinker with jewelry, used to make soap regularly but have gotten away from it ...and I enjoy making my own hand & body creams and lip balms. Hoping to learn lots here, I sure will have questions so I hope I don't drive anyone nuts. Thanks for having me!
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