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  1. Sorry, I never saw this. I use IGI 4627. Thing is, the main manufacturer of this wax is only about half an hour from me, but I can't get them to sell to me. They only supply to large distributors. I just had to order wax again from Aztec. A case is now four pounds less (46 pounds instead of 50) and cost $.50 more than it did the last time I ordered just a few months ago. Ugh! I may have to call the manufacturer again or go beat on their door!!!
  2. Thanks for the info! SO many cinnamon buns out there, never know which is a good one!
  3. I've never had an issue having fragrance oils stick in body butters - 2% fragrance oil is usually efficient. Make sure the fragrance oils you are using are body safe and that you are using an amount within the recommended guidelines. I would buy from a reputable buyer that sells fragrance oils specifically formulated for crafting purposes. We have quite an extensive list on this forum. Give one of them a try. They should all have the recommended IFRA guidelines available for each fragrance oil. Using something like tapioca starch or cornstarch in it may also help anchor the scent, as well as cut greasiness. Hope this helps!
  4. I honestly think it depends on the wax or combination of waxes you are using. I agree with Neenie, Ecos are horrible for me, but I use paraffin. However, even when I used a soy blend, they always caused my wax to discolor with every burn - no matter the fragrance (even no fragrance), wick size, etc. I suppose if I was a pure soy chandler, my opinion would be totally different.
  5. I hope you meant you got a whiff and didn't like it. LOL!!!
  6. That's not a scent I've ever tried! As Belinda suggested, maybe a blend of a graham cracker or gingerbread with chocolate and toasted marshmallow if you can't find one to your liking. Surprised nobody has responded to this one...
  7. I've never tried Alien. Sounds intriguing. Belinda - you're killing me! I certainly don't need a new supplier, but I admit to creeping on their website. It looks fantastic! As far as NG scents: Cranberry Relish Blackberry Jam Monkey Farts Mrs. Claus Cookies Clove Cinnamon Sticks Pumpkin Crunch Cake Berry Bewitching Brew Bite Me Caribbean Fluffy Pink Candy Fruity Rings Cranberry Rhubarb Preserves Monkey Farts Apple Cinnamon Hot Orange Danish Potpourri Spice Boston Tea Party Christmas Tree Ice Capade Hot Cocoa Loving Spell Pearberry Peppermint Fluff Satsuma
  8. I know everyone loves Banana Bread fragrance oils, but I love Banana Walnut Cake from RE. Their Toasted Marshmallow is to die for! Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon Sticks, Clove, Hot Orange Danish, and Pumpkin Crunch Cake from NG. Harvest Moon from Northwood. Blueberry Pumpkin Patch and Peaches and Pumpkin Pat h from Aztec...
  9. Maybe your fragrance oil wasn't mixed completely with your wax?
  10. Those sound too good to be true. I'd love to hear if anyone has experience with them! Where can I buy them?
  11. Thanks for the info! Fragrance Buddy is a new supplier for me. I make candles and love a strong throw!
  12. Ugh. I have no suppliers anywhere near me that sell wax. Shipping is killer!!!
  13. Eric, I'm on this site to get information and helpful tips from other crafters, not for the other members to buy my products. On that note..... I use IGI 4627 for my container candles and bought a batch from Candle Science while they were receiving all of the negative reviews (didn't notice the reviews until after the purchase). I actually contacted them and asked if I should be concerned. They said they would help me troubleshoot if I had any issues, which I didn't. My next batch came from Aztec because the shipping was so much cheaper! I've worked with this wax for years - it actually took me years to work out container & wicking issues, but the scent throw has been worth it for me. Yes, it's messy to work with. Yes, the plastic bags they package it in leave a lot to be desired. Yes, wicking is a bit complicated. Testing is always a must, but I personally now love this wax and haven't found anything better for my containers. If I could just find a tart wax I love as much....
  14. I like Northwood. I have ordered from them several times. I'm about to put their Harvest Moon, Blueberry Lavender, Mulberry, and Huckleberry Harvest in wax today and will keep you updated on how they do. I LOVE the smell of the Huckleberry! Their Sugar Cookie is a good one. Glazed Donuts was okay, but not strong enough for me. Their Farmhouse Christmas has great reviews. I have it, but havent used it in anything yet. I was disappointed that I began with this company to try the ribbon and cottonwood wicks and then both were discontinued!
  15. I bought all of the cotton candies everyone suggested! I also ordered a few others. (I may have a problem. LOL!) Aztec's smelled decent and was in the running for my bath and body product line until the one from MMS showed up. I think I'll go with that one. It's still not as good to me as the old Candle Science one, but will work. JS's Cotton Candy Super will be my one for wax. It has a decent hot throw. I also like their Blue Cotton Candy, but the melts are still curing. Their Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo also has a cotton candy smell to it, but I haven't used it in anything yet. I didn't like WSP's, but it's been years since I tried it. I also ordered Ky's from RE/AH since I was ordering from there anyway - smelled nothing like it to me. Funny how different all of our noses are! Thank you all so much for your generous advice. It was truly helpful. I will keep you updated on my testing!
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