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  1. Hello, I am considering using the Stephenson bath whip for a whipped soap and a foaming sugar scrub, however, I’ve realized that the base does not use a broad spectrum preservation system… I loved the base I ordered, however, now I’m concerned about using it. I was also considering using the base from Crafter’s Choice (which does have broad spectrum preservation), however, it just wasn’t as good . I really wanna stick with the Stephenson one. Could I add some extra preservative to the base in order to make it safer? However, since I don’t know the exact measurements for the preservative added, I’m afraid I might accidentally add too much..
  2. Hello! I’ve recently ventured into making body butters! Everything about them is great expect for the fact that the scent never lasts I’ve tried different types fragrance oils, but to be fair they all are from Amazon (which is where I get all of my ingredients) so maybe they’re just low quality? Is there anything I can add to my product to get the fragrance to last longer?
  3. Soo those are the only cautions I should look out for? Are there any brands of petroleum jelly you recommend?
  4. I wanna work with petroleum jelly to make a lip balm/lip scrub, however, I can never find it in any recipes… I’m a bit nervous about trying it out? Is is difficult to work with? Is it dangerous when heated? Orr is it just an offset of the “clean beauty” movement? I’ve been educating myself a lot of this through channels like Dr Dray and LabMuffin and I’m glad to say that I’m not longer letting fear mongering control my crafts. I’m ready to start working with the “naughty” ingredients lol.
  5. Hello, I am trying to make a lip balm and this is my recipe: 20% Beeswax 25% Lanolin 15% Mango Butter 40% Almond Oil I melt the concoction to 160 degrrres when I make it. Everytime I attempt to pour it it partially solidifies and there’s quite a bit left on my pouring cup. Plus, my container pouting tempreture limit is around 140 Degrees farenheit and if it’s this difficult to pour at this high of a temperature I’d imagine it would be even harder at lower ones. Any advice? Even besides pouring it, I wanted to give all of my ingredients a good stir before I used them, but as soon as I put my utensil into the batch it hardens up…
  6. Hello, I’m am in the process of starting a bath and body business selling lotions, body washes, and emulsified body butters. I’m conflicted as to weather I want to make my products myself or just use a base. Using a base a lot more economical and time efficient, however, I haven’t been able to find bases that I really like and feel confident selling to people.
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