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  1. I probably have those same molds ! Little pink silicone molds ? And the same problem. I’ve tried a syringe type thing & that works but my wax starts to cool too fast & that makes it next to impossible, so I just stopped with those particular molds for a bit, but I’m thinking about getting a heat plate to set my pour pitcher on while I do them ? I feel like that should help ? So I would try a heat plate / syringe combo & see if that works.
  2. That’s terrible 😞 I was hoping that it wouldn’t be like that. Hopefully, they stop buying up all of these companies until they can pull it together with the ones that they already have. They’re really ruining it for us 😩
  3. Just curious, if you don’t mind telling me...how long does yours usually take to dry ? Cause my IGI 6006 came in even wetter, no joke 😩 I mean, the corners of the slabs especially, they look almost mushy. I swear I’m cursed lately or something 😂 I’ve been trying to air out the IGI 6006 slabs for about 4 or 5 days now, with a fan, & the slabs are still very moist. I love my paraffin blends, but I’m * thisclose * to switching to soy, & I never had luck with straight soy, but these wet parasoy slabs are REALLY holding me back a lot.
  4. I’m usually the opposite, very into sweet scents, lol...but...oakmoss sounds pretty good to me, actually ! You twisted my arm, btw ! I’m definitely going to give them a try in the near future. I’m always so surprised at my own self for never trying them 😂 I’ve been doing this for over a decade, like how did I just skip CS this whole time 😂 If they don’t throw well in my wax, I make butter scrubs & butter sometimes too, so there will be a use somewhere in there. Thanks for the recs !
  5. I shouldn’t really speak for others, but my take on this is that the lack of helping choosing a wick is due to the vessel being dangerous, ya know ? This is by far the most helpful board that I’ve been on over the years. I think that people just feel like they would be partially responsible if this caused a fire, if they helped you wick a bread bowl. I get that it probably came off a bit harsh, but try to look at it as a tough love kind of thing. None of us want to see you have to deal with a fire, whether it’s at your home ( if this is for personal use ) or a customer’s
  6. I’ve never tried that one, but do you happen to have a caramel & a vanilla ? I recently blended CC’s Ooey Gooey Caramel Goodness with Daystar’s Ultimate Vanilla & it came out very caramel latte l- like to me ?
  7. Omg, those gemstones & dried petals. All of the rage all over social media ! I love watching other candlemakers do their thing, so I was on TikTok for a bit, & I finally deleted the app. Ever go on the candle making side of there ? Soooo many of them put those dried flowers on the top, & I mean some of them almost cover the entire tops of their candles with it ! And one lady put these huge crystals on hers, kind of embedded into the wax, but right by the wicks. Yes, they were stunning, but omg. And I made a dumb mistake when I first started years ago ( mine was
  8. Ya know, I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, lol...I’ve never tried CandleScience ! It was always high on my list of suppliers to try, but when it comes time to order, they must just skip my mind, not sure how. I was actually going to order, finally, when I ordered my last batch of supplies, but then I read on the fragrance board that they changed a lot of their fo’s & it seems that a lot of people were displeased by the changes, so that pushed them back out of my mind. I may still give them a try for supplies sometime, though ! Didn’t intentionally leave them out of my pos
  9. I agree with the suggestion of checking out the fragrance discussion board...so much great info on there ! My personal favorites are : Wholesale Supplies Plus - GREAT oils, but keep in mind that they are pricey at times, & shipping can be wayyyyy too slow there. Rustic Escentuals - If you love foody / sweet scents, RE is the place for you. Just Scent - Tons of scents to choose from here, & they ship fast. Majestic Mountain Sage - They can be pricey too, but they have top notch oils & they ship SUPER fast ! They have, in my opinion, the most realistic cot
  10. Omg, thank you so much for the reply ! This is great news, because I felt like crying at the thought of wasting an entire case of wax !
  11. Yes, they are a really nice company to deal with & the shipping was so fast ! I got my oils & I’m overall very pleased ! I forgot to come back & update, I got them not long after my post above. My favorites ( it’s a tie lol ) are Strawberry Pound Cake, spot on in wax ! And Nectarine Vanilla Bean, which is amaaazing ! Oddly, it smells much more like freshly cut orange, not nectarine ? With the vanilla bean in the background. But it is amazing ! Blueberry Pecan Waffles is amazing OOB ! I feel like that will be perfect for Fall but I may need to pour some soon beca
  12. So I just opened my new case of Problend 600 & as it melted down, it was making popping noises I had this happen to me years ago & remembered that it was water in the wax. Sure enough, when I poured it, it had the little bead looking thingies that wouldn’t pop. I store my wax away from any moisture, so I’m not sure why this happened to me yet again. Is it the brand, maybe ? Is there any way at all to salvage this wax ? I don’t want to do the turkey baster thing where I remove the water because there seems to be too much, & it would be way too time consuming, so can I just air this
  13. Enablers !!! The lot of you ! 🤣 Which is exactly why I love this site, lol. I'm finally making that jump from hobby to business, & this company sounds great ! I thought that I was done with my FO ordering spree yesterday, then I saw this. I ordered mostly 2 oz samples, & two 8 oz. I ordered Lemon Sugar Cake, Strawberry Pound Cake ( those are the two 8 oz ) & then the 2 oz bottles of Blueberry Pecan Waffles, Vanilla Bean Nectarine, Pink Guava & Sugared Vanilla Wafflecones. I'll do cold sniff reviews when I get them & in wax as I make / test them. I like how the owner sends a
  14. I was concerned about this, too...not because I don't like WSP, I absolutely love their oils & I will always order from them. But I get frustrated with the slow shipping. I placed an order yesterday, & to my surprise, I got a shipping notice today ! Granted, it was a smallish order, but it gave me hope that maybe things won't go too haywire ?
  15. Baked apple, I'm not too sure...but have you considered blending a single note apple with bakery notes, like pie crust ? Because I can tell you that WSP & Candle Source both have a GREAT Green Apple oil, both throw good for me in parasoy. That might be worth trying
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