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  1. It's most probably nothing to be concerned about, i have seen similar in the rapeseed/coconut wax that i'm trying out i don't see it as a issue, the lack of ht could be fo %, or the dreaded candle nose, but before you write it off give it another burn but in a small room
  2. So far i have not found any negatives to this blend so far but i will be testing it with other FO to see how it behaves.
  3. I expected it to be a soft wax but it is very brittle, one thing i did note is that it takes a long time to cool down and set.
  4. Thanks for the replies it's helpful, i like to fully understand why and how things work, so far this candle has had one two hour burn and two three hour after curing for a week, all is well so far the next candle will most probably be a complete disaster lol.
  5. I have not used rapeseed on it's own so can't answer that one but what i will say is that no wax is easy or hard to work with they just have different quirks, you'll find what works best or to your liking by testing and trying some of the methods that the more experienced members on here share.
  6. So in an effort to learn a bit more i bought some rapeseed & coconut wax as it claims to be more eco friendly than the soy/para blend that we currently use, the test jars are 20cl, FO load 8%, using a medium size ribbon wick, the melting point of this wax is low, the whole melt mix and pour procedure was done under 140 f, any how to get to the point does a low melt point wax release fragrance ( ht ) sooner than a soy/para blend.
  7. I don't know much but what i have recently discovered is that even if the stars do align, the location of the candle can make a difference to whether you smell it or not the direction of airflow can play games with your nostrils.
  8. Hi, i have been lurking for a while as i am helping, well fully immersed in helping my better half lizzie with her candle making venture, looking forward to learning more.
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