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  1. Hey Moomin, thank you so much for the PDF 🙂 Yeah, I have gram scale and I am also UK based xD In the end, I get the ok HT from the Natural C3 with TCR wick but I will test it with the ECOSOYA CB Advanced and with the ECO wick... if you have more link it would be great thank you so much
  2. Amber colored beeswax still contains some honey so maybe it can cause the issue too
  3. Hello guys I recently started trying essential oils in candle making…. With a strong scent like Lavender, Neroli, Bergamot, Cinnamon Bark, Clove - its fine But I am struggling with smells like Sweet Orange. It smells sometimes and sometimes it just does not. At this moment I am using Wax- Nature Wax C3 Wick - TCR series And for ratio I tried 8% solution for the sweet orange currently curing 10% solution For the container if it will help at this moment I am using 220g of wax and TCR 27/16 wick I want to try some other waxes and eco series wicks mby it can help with th
  4. Hey Onyx I am not an expert but from my exp and research it depends on scent ... Lavender have nice and strong smell with 7-8% ... Neroli for me is fine with 6% and so on ... for Sweet Orange its 10% When it comes to EO (essential oil) you must test it a lot... Wax - wick etc... is way way harder than the FO (fragrance oils) for me
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