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  1. Nickie

    Pillar of Bliss

    Personally, I never cared for pillar of bliss....just didn't have the throw I was looking for whether it was blended or used alone. In fact, I have some sitting my the trash can now! Haaa.
  2. There isn't necessarily a standard that I know of. From my perspective I think people are looking for more intense throw for a short number of hours. I don't know if you're getting the answer your looking for here, as this is a suggestive topic. And one that has many, many variables. All of which can be hard to pin down independently of each other. I've purchased lots (spent $1000s over the years) of wax from many handmade wax vendors who have successful businesses. As far as number of hours I have had with their waxes....it ranges from 0 to 24 hours. I have never melted anything in my very large, wide open space that has lasted beyond 24 hours. Ever. Typically I get around 5-6 hours. And in order to get this kind of throw I'm melting 2oz at a time, in 3 warmers going at the same time throughout the space. After my years of testing wax types, my own blends and loads of different oils by a range of manufacturers, I find that a particular oil is what determines the hot throw in melts over almost every other variable. If an oil won't throw for me for 5-6 hours minimum at a 5 (I rate then 1-5 for intensity), then I'll trash it and move onto another oil or oils. Now, this is all my opinion and as I have stated, I am not sure there are standards. It sounds like you might need to rely heavily on outside testers.
  3. If you only want 4 at a time, yep, expensive. I do my stickers with make stickers.....4" rounds for around 25 cents each. But you do have to buy several hundred to get this price.
  4. That wattage is your warmer. Try melting them in 20 or 20w warmer and see if the throw and longevity changes.
  5. I've been testing more from them lately and I'm liking tons of their oils too!
  6. Flaming candle has a straight jasmine fragrance that is crazy strong. Might give it a try.
  7. Just curious.....has anyone tried soy from California Candle Supply? Looks like they have a soy Pillar wax that comes in slab form. As well as other options. It's slim pickins' out there for Pillar soy, so I've still been searching for a good option for testing.
  8. Honestly, I would never reuse a clamshell myself. They hold scent and color. Depending on how old they are, the fragrance can start eating the plastic too. Overall just not a great idea to put a chemical on it to remove what is there, then pour more hot wax and more fragrance chemicals. Asking for a disaster, if you ask me. Plus it is not at all expensive to buy new ones.
  9. Nickie

    Cloudy Wax

    Is it cloudy at 180 too? Or just when it's closest to 150? If it's cloudy the entire time, the fragrance isn't bound to the wax properly. If it's only as it cools, it's likely fine. Wax is molten at higher temps and what you're seeing is the solidification process.
  10. 4627 and 4725 both have a transparent quality, as compared to other waxes. I don't disagree with you!! These people can be harsh and VERY crazed! But the sad part about the success or failure of the online wax melt busiensses in this circle is driven by these types of reviews. One mistake and you're done. That is why the scent loss was concerning to me. Many of the wax melt accounts on YouTube and instagram have thousands upon thousands of followers, they all follow each other and listen to one another. The competition for wax melt companies is already stiff, without any errors.
  11. This is was the first thing I thought it could be. Thanks!
  12. She states that her wax is an all paraffin blend. Plus her wax is very transparent, which is not possible to get when using soy.
  13. There is a bit of controversy going on in the Vendor wax world, pertaining to one particular vendor's wax melts losing scent after around the 6-8 month mark. This wax blend is a soft, highly sliceable, all paraffin blend. My my question is......what causes this? How can I keep it from happening to my melts? Obviously I use high quality oils, but I do have a soft, all paraffin blend. I do know that wax melts don't last forever, but I want them to last as long as possible, as I know lots of customers buy loads of wax that they think need "curing" so they keep it for months and months on end before melting. Had anyone had had problems with this issue? Does soy help melts last longer before burning? Your thoughts on this issue are greatly appreciated!
  14. Micas won't color the wax. I frequently add mica to my melts, but only after I color them first. The colored will intensify slightly when the mica is added, but they can't be used for an overall colorant.
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