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  1. What works for one won’t for another of course. It depends on your market and what works where your market customers are too. Here locally at trade shows people do use the signs with great success and have more people snap a picture of it than take a business card. Most onlind orders has a emailed receipt too so I just keep them until my order comes. It’s easy to find by using the search bar in the email. Or adding it to a specific folder set up in the email acct which I use for other things. Just curious of others viewpoints and I probably did seem like I answered my own question through my posted opinion. I was just curious of others thoughts and what works for them. Still love to hear more people’s views on this even if outside of my own. Sharing thoughts help open up other view points. My drs are all online so the appt are easily accessed and made through the health portal which I love. You can then take the appt and have it added to your phones calendar. I think the world is just headed in the digital direction more.
  2. I haven’t been feeling well so sorry for the delay. In a quick summary it’s a digital world now. So you can still have face-to-face interactions with the clients while exchanging info. Most people have cellphones on them and along with that are on some platform if not all of social media. Even if at home using a pc only generally the seller will have their phone for credit card processing etc so can find the buyers acts to connect with and the buyer then once home with internet can vis versa. This allows not only the client contacting the business but the business to reach out to them as well. Business cards just allow the client if they pretty much stumble on the card or something stiles their mind to find you per say. I’d rather create a two way active engagement. Also let’s say you think not everyone has a face-to-face encounter with you at a trade show - some people prefer not to and/or shy so there is a better alternative over cards still imo= get a nice sign with all your info on it (google for multiple examples) and ask people to take a picture of it. This sign can then be shared on social media, text messages, flashed to people you meet etc. Not to mention your more likely to scroll through your photo album on your phone than a pile of dusty cards. It’s more environmentally friendly and better on my budget to be frank. Plus I hate clutter so cards never lasted long in my presence at home. Cards use to be a rite of passage for business people and they to this day still serve some purposes but in crafts I think other ways work better. Sorry this is is all over the place I wanted to answer and not delay any longer... to answer the invoice placed in orders mention above - I find it truly redundant if I placed the order online through a account. For example you have to have a account to order on Etsy- my order creates a digital document within my Etsy acct that I can access if needed. So why waste resources, my time to recycle ♻️ and see what I am already can access if needed? I feel the same with business cards. As a consumer I’m like more garbage that I probably paid for that wasn’t needed. Because I’m the end the cost is factored in to the sales let’s be honest. Im happy to answer and share my thoughts more but wanted to touch base for now.
  3. What a great post!!! Things not always thought about but important- glad you asked!
  4. Do you think business cards are outdated? I think if you sell just mainly online they are sort of a waste. Just curious of others thoughts. I don’t keep business cards and not every mailorder gives me one so curious to hear other view points. In a digital world I don’t see them being as valuable I suppose.
  5. I wouldn’t want my name even on the warning label if it was me in this situation. Imo as a consumer you’d lose my “trust” as a candle maker. Or if not that I’d be so confused why there are two names on the candle as one is the actual maker. My other thoughts are false marketing then they might do which could reflect on you perhaps. The right weight should be on the jar. Maybe they aren’t aware of how the labels should be but if so they are a tad shady.
  6. You mentioned that your fragrance oils you used are about a year old. It might be that the fo themselves have gone bad. I know some last fine for years and smell and act like new however I always was taught the shelf life of fo is a year. So thought I’d make mention of that for what it’s worth. Might be, might not be that but it’s a thing to look into. Also it might make a difference if you’re using charcoal or wood based sticks too. I’ve read that mentioned and that some scents work better with charcoal since the wood based ones sometimes added a smokiness aroma when burning. I’ve only used the wood ones though. I haven’t made any in over 10 years though ugh.
  7. I don’t like perfume or floral scents. Consider only making bakery scents when I start selling again. Been wondering if that would hurt sales myself so great topic and glad you posted it!
  8. Been on the lookout for some Ice cream scoop molds for melts. I’m looking for cheap molds that have multiple cavities. Ive only came across large and very tiny single ones plus a expensive $40ish mold of 3 cavities 😏. I’d like some for one pound production of melts with each melt being an ounce or half each. Anyone know of a place 😟
  9. whatever you decide just make sure your product is the focal point. With this meant where your eyes are instantly drawn and focused on the intended object. I’ve seen so many staged pics that are beautiful but I rarely focus on the intended item for sale- which defeats the purpose of engaging my interest and desire to purchase. I prefer a clean simple picture that showcases the item. When purchased online I can not feel, touch, smell or see in person so my purchase would be on written description and visual photographed version only.
  10. Anyone know where I could buy wholesale lots of small crinkle cutters similar to the attached picture. I’ve looked on AliExpress and EBay without luck. Maybe I didn’t strike the right keywords but I can only find single listings none with multiple I could use for resale. TIA
  11. These are Polypropene bags that are biodegradable. I’m not sure if these are safe for wax melts. They are similar to Natureflex bags however through my research I’m not quite certain if they are okay to use. The same company pretty much make most these who make natureflex. I’ve found a supplier that carries these bags that work for my needs but need any feedback on this if possible. TIA Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film is produced when a polypropylene film is stretched in both machine and transverse directions directly following extrusion.
  12. If I buy a clamshell I expect at least one cube to be able to pop out. I wouldn’t put them in the freezer even if it were my personal made ones- maybe I’m just lazy. My melts sit right next to my warmers and I don’t want to mess with getting them to use. I just want to pop a melt in while walking by etc. I also don’t take the entire bar out of the clamshell and break off a cube- I know some do it that way. I just push up on the bottom of a cube while holding the top to break a cube free then just pop it out and toss into the warmer. There has been so much changes noted with soy waxes maybe that is the root cause of your troubles? Was the case(s) you’re using a new lot? I wouldn’t imagine the clamshell to be the cause since they are either pvc or poly if I’m correct- not sure which Maple Street uses. Not sure if this helped at all but I figured I’d chime in with my two cents.
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