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  1. Is it real this time? It’s really sad because this used to be my favorite supplier.
  2. So far I have loved the oil’s that I’ve tried from them. I ordered the orange you sweet based on recommendations and it has a great cold throw. Unfortunately, for me in my parasoy wax It has a strong fuel smell like kerosene (like a few citrus scents do). I was really hoping that it had an amazing fragrance hot as it does cold. Other than that I have really loved their oils.
  3. Thank you I was eyeing the black pepper as well!
  4. I am definitely going to check them out. I’m very pleased with their oils!
  5. Sorry it auto corrected to Piero it should say PURE Fragrance oils!
  6. So I placed an order from Piero fragrance or else based upon a review on here. So far loving the Bergamot Tobacco and Black Vetiver Cafe. Great hot and cold throw in my parasol blend. What are your favs?
  7. That’s a good suggestion maybe that’s when I will have to do. Do you know who has a good tuberose?
  8. Hello! I have asked this question before but thought I would ask again just to see if anyone has come across anything new. Does anyone know who has a killer Ylang Ylang that has a good heart throw in Parasoy? I have tried a couple but they smelled very synthetic. Open to other florals, woodsy, or incense type fragrances that you love as well!
  9. Looking forward to trying more. I just ordered the Jasmine! 😉
  10. Out of bottles they were all great! It was a hot throw that was light. Yeah, getting a good hot throw can be a challenge. Too bad though I like the scents.
  11. Funny you should say that because I had ordered a few oils from them and just finally got around to putting them in wax so far loving what I smell 😊. I will definitely check out their Jasmine! Thank you.
  12. I will definitely check them out!I will definitely check them out!
  13. That sounds interesting. I love Champaka. I really love most incense type fragrances. I have never used any of Nature’s Gardens oils. Are they generally good hot throwers in parasoy?
  14. Sooooo.... finally have a second to post LOL. I really like all of th scents OOB. So I have tried 4 of the fragrances in Parasoy. I can definitely see that I will need to wick up with these oils. The ones I have tried are The Vert, Cherry Tobacco, Sandalwood Rose, and Patchouli Saffron. The Vert - I love this fragrance but the hot throw is very weak. It really reminds me of the one Daystar carries but much lighter throw. Cherry Tobacco - it has a decent hot throw but I don’t smell much Tobacco, just cherry Sandalwood Rose - I love Sandalwood Rose! This one has a strong throw, but it’s almost sickening. I really wanted to like it. Patchouli Saffron - Nice scent but too light. I will post more as I try the others.
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