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  1. Thank you for 5hat advise BusyBee. I actually decided to go with the xerox phaser color laser 6510D I wireless printer. I got it for only $250. We will see how it goes!
  2. Thank you BusyBee. I’m actually looking at the Canon Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw Wireless Color Laser All-In-One Printer. It’s normally $400 but on sale for Black Friday for only $209.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am looking to purchase a good quality color laser printer but not pay a. Ray mount of money for it! What printer has a nice professional quality but is reasonably priced?
  4. Yes I love SOS as well. Have you used TCS oils in candles?
  5. I completely forgot about SOS. I think I tried their Nag Champa and found it to be decent as well. I have never ordered from The Common Scents, any other suggestions from there? I read the description for Fresh Cut Roses, sounds promising. Thank you for your suggestions!
  6. Thank you for your response! Yes it is hard to find something that smells like the real deal. I was in India last year and found some awesome nag Champa incense and of course I can’t get them here LOL. That is actually where I found a new fondness for Rose as well. I hope I can find something kinda close LOL
  7. I have finished making most of my holiday candles and I need to think about next year. I’m looking for a few fragrances and wondering if any of you have found suppliers that have these fragrances and absolutely love them! I currently use a paraffin soy blend and have very recently started to experiment with Coconut 82 wax. I would love to hear everyone’s favs! Nag Champa - I have found a few that are decent but they always seem to be missing something Neroli - I’ve tried a few but haven’t found one that I Love Sandalwood Rose - I really like the one from Pure Fragrance oils but wondering if there is one that’s even better Patchouli (or a Patchouli blend) - haven’t found one that I like yet Teakwood - Every time I ask about this one I get recommendations of Indonesian Teak. Those is smells great, it is as far as from the smell of real teakwood as you can get. It smells very powdery where Teak is a deep woodsy scent. Oud - I have spent much time is SE Asia and they burn Oud wood in the temples and smells amazing Rose - I was never a huge rose fan but have learned to really appreciate it. Looking for something that smells fresh and amazing not heavy and old ladyish. looking forward to hearing some great suggestions. Thank you in advance!
  8. Thank you Karen! I will definitely check them out!
  9. A few years ago Genwax stopped carrying Yuletide Bayberry. It was not the most incredible Christmas scent that I ever smelled but reminded me of a Christmas when I was a kid. Did anyone else ever try this fragrance and if so have you found anyone who carries anything close?
  10. Is it real this time? It’s really sad because this used to be my favorite supplier.
  11. So far I have loved the oil’s that I’ve tried from them. I ordered the orange you sweet based on recommendations and it has a great cold throw. Unfortunately, for me in my parasoy wax It has a strong fuel smell like kerosene (like a few citrus scents do). I was really hoping that it had an amazing fragrance hot as it does cold. Other than that I have really loved their oils.
  12. Thank you I was eyeing the black pepper as well!
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