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  1. Id start with a 50. I've never used them in 464. I totally 2 use 40 or 47 but sinde 464, id wick up a bit to 50 and try. Also, if it helps, i cut mine in half and retab to get more wicks.
  2. IGI 6006

    I have bought from several suppliers. Most of the time I have not seen or tested any different on the same wicks from different suppliers. I was paranoid about it for a while but never really amounted to anything. I have had a FEW that were a bit off compared to each other, but i think it had more to do with the wax coating than anything else. Also, I had some wicks sent that were not properly labeled with correct size. That's a bad deal. For the most part, I use a combo of CandleScience, lonestar, and CandleWic for my wicks depending on what I need. You are correct, none seem to carry them all. Ive seriously considered becoming a supplier of just wicks and having EVERYTHING... a one stop shop for them because its frustrating. Lol I use premiers sparingly and when I need those, I get them from Flaming Candle. About to start testing CSNs a bit more, and there are hard to find... so SouthWest Candle Supply will be the place for me for those wicks.
  3. I/We have mostly been talknig about after the candle is extinguished... not just when melting in the melters. Every customer/tester who has used candles made out of this wax report the same problems. Its REALLY bad
  4. My issues are nothing to do with a bad batch. Ive tested several different lots/batches from a few suppliers. The issue is the wax as many have documented pretty thoroughly. Yes, there are a few successful tests... i had some too. But its all completely irrelevant, because no customer is going to be happy with the amount of smoking this wax does. Customers may buy initally, but they wont keep coming back. This wax does not stand up anywhere close to most other waxes in my opinion... even on the tests that have been "successful" And.. i know who you are referring to in Quebec (I believe). Be careful what reviews you take to heart. Many are paid and/or given freebies for these reviews. Also, someone using this wax a lot andhaving "success" I would be very curious the amount of their testing, scents, etc. And like i said... may testers have paid no mind to what the candle does after being extinusuihed (or they dip the wick in the wax). Which is totally fine, but most customers do not do that. And this wax smokes like crazy via the wicks. Heck, it smokes when melting too. There is even warnings not to breath in any of the vapors.. yikes. No thanks. Trust me.. I was REALLY wanting this wax to work. If anyone was going to give it the benefit of the doubt, it would have been me. Hence, why I kept testing and testing and testing. ill never use it... unless its changed.
  5. Keeping wax warm

    No problem!
  6. IGI 6006

    Just overall didn't perform as well. More sooting and carbon buildup then others. They weren't the worst by any means, but not my favorite either. Sometimes they worked well, but in most cases even the zincs worked better for me than LX. What I DO like about LX is the night tight flame. But I just had better luck (most of of the time) with the following wicks: Zinc, HTP, RRD Next would be CD and Paper Core just a tad above Premier and LX Ones I did not like with 6006 were: ECO
  7. IGI 6006

    Ovrall, LX is among my least favorite with this wax....but still have them in use for a few scents.
  8. Agreed... worst wax I own
  9. None. Ive moved on from this wax. Even the few "successful" ones Ive made in regards to wicking Id never sell. This wax is a trainwreck. Browse through all the other posts talking about it. Smokes like a wildfire, and is inconsistent and terrible to wick. Plus the throw sucks IMO and needs more oil to compete. Ive already moved on after testing around 80 lbs, several FOs, and a few different jars. The issue is the wax.... the other variables at this point are irrelevant I'm afraid.
  10. Power burn result

    I'd have to respectfully disagree I think on this. I dont see a problem with your candle at all. That wax is near the bottom so having only a 1/4" melt pool after 8 hours in a jar that deep is NOT bad at all. Id say its just right. The wick looks good too. And the soot..... again, I disagree. Having a little soot on the edge of the room (especially on one side) does not indicate its over wicked. Especially after 8 hours. Fir starters, 6006 does soot some unfortunately especially after 8 hour burn that deep in the jar. Its not uncommon. Also, when soot is on one side like that, its more a result of the wick leaning or curl than anything. If you wick down, you run the risk of it not being enough wick for a standard 3 or 4 hour burn time and it may never make it that deep in the jar to ever know. If you aren't satisfied with this one, you may be splitting hairs at this point. You can definitely give wicking down a shot... but I see no problem with your test results. If this was 100%, I'd agree because you can achieve zero soot with no problem all the way through the candle. But 6006 is mostly parrafin, and you will often get soot with power burns. not always... but I wouldn't say yours is bad at all.
  11. Presto Pot questions

    I think what you are referring to is people who made comments about risk of condensation from having the lid on. I dont think they realize how condensation happens..... there is no water in the wax. Dont' worry about it. now... if you are also mixing your FOs in the presto with the wax for batches.... I agree, don't lid it.
  12. IGI 6006

    The "soft" nature of CD wicks is one of the reasons I am not a big fan. They start leaning and create very uneven melt pools. No real solutions to this other than different wicks. But many people still like CD's regardless. Where do you get your CDs? You could also make sure you are ordering ones with highest possible melt point wax coating on them... may help a bit
  13. Are you by chance covering the tops of your candles to keep them warm and what surface are your jars sitting on? Also, how are you pre-heating if you are preheating: Ive seen this happen for the following reasons: 1) bottom cooling fast than top either because top is insulated better than bottom or because your jars are sitting on a surface that pulls out heat (wood, etc). Try pouring on another surface. 2) Glasses not clean on the inside in some places (dirt, grime etc) 3) If you are preaheating in the over.... make sure jars are getting equal heat on top and bottom so that the bottom isn't staying significantly cooler than the rest. 4) Random and infrequent - dont wory about it.
  14. I would repost this in one of two following places rather than this category. You will get more responses: Wickless, or Vegatable Wax