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  1. Mix it with 4630 if u have any or even 6006. It will make it manageable until its gone. Or just chuck it with a big smile. I wasted too much time and money on that junk trying to make it work. Lol
  2. I blended mine with the trashcan. Stuff if just AWFUL!
  3. I also always test with UV 1/2tsp per pound. Never really had a wick difference whether I use it or not.
  4. And I see anywhere from 1/4tsp to 1/2tsp per pound. That being said, I rarely see it help much overall. The candles I tend to care the most about changing colors and getting ugly are those with vanillin in them. However, the UV doesnt help that so for me... why bother. Lol
  5. You could also be using way too much ink. Use standard setting, not glossy. Try fast print and lower dpi. Don't need all that and lays too much ink anyway
  6. Well u have to use certain printer type with certain labels. It tells you which ones. Some are inkjet only, some laser only, a few do both. I agree inkjet is usually more rich. But mine are dry after minutes.
  7. I only use onlinelabels.com..... have for years. I use ink jet and laser. Never had problems with either. Dry quickly... it has to be your printer settings. Work with their support.... but i have no issues at all with them. Highly recommend
  8. Yah, definitely npt improved throw... and extremely picky on FO anyway
  9. yah its terrible stuff... but as far as the beige or off white... that is going to be pretty much all soy. Won't be pure white
  10. go with C3... not the quantum waxes
  11. I agree... DO NOT use the quantum waxes. And to clarify.. I said the REGULATIONS allow a candle over a certain % of soy to be called soy... it doesn't mean that I do it or advocate it. I make several different kings of candles. But it is allowed. And to be frank.. rules like that exists in all industries in this country and around the world. Examples.... "Caffeine Free" soda, coffee, and tea..... all still have caffeine. Sugar free might have little or no sugar, but they replace it with worse ingredients. So, lets be careful about acting too high and mighty here when talking about soy vs a soy blend. Not to mention... many candle makers aren't doing that to be "shady", they are simply calling their candle consistent with the rest of the market. A candle maker calling their candle a soy candle when its 90% soy and 10% parrafin or an additive doesn't deserve (in my opinion) to be labeled as "the type of people I wouldn't buy a candle from". Lol, I think that's getting a bit stuck up to be honest. Again, they are labeling within the industry. And if we are going to really get serious about calling something soy or not...... we should all stop right now. Because NONE of us make 100% soy candle unless they are unscented, no dye, etc. Every candle has something in it that makes up at least a small % other than the wax, and in this case the soy. Because let's be honest here... the fragrance oils are BY FAR the most unsafe materials we use. If customers or anyone really cared so much about what they are burning in their homes, it would be the oils they asked about first. Of course unless you are talking about the new quantum waxes... I dont know what kinda s%^& that stuff if... but dont use it. Sorry for the ranted response... I just dont think its fair of anyone to judge other people's character because they put soy on their candle instead of soy blend. It could simply be a mistake, ignorance,or just doing what is allowed in the industry. Considering most "soy candlemakers" put soy on their candles and most of the candles are parasoys.... I find it a little crazy to assume all those people are bad people. Lol
  12. Obviously, I dont know about the candle you bought for sure .... but almost all "soy candles" on the market are soy blends. Soy does have great cold throw (comparable or better than paraffin in my experience. But hot throw isn't the same without using a lot more FO or without blending.Its one of the reasons so many people use 6006.... even though its tricky to wick.
  13. I have not personally ever thought that parrafin was "easier" to work with myself. Its easier to wick, sure... but other than that.. I dont think its easier. Parrafin cools much quicker making cleanup more difficult. Many parrafins shrink much more than soy requiring multiple pours... I dont have to repour any soy that I use. The REASON, though, that I do soy candles too is simple. Customers want it. At first I didn't worry about it as when I first started people didn't ask or care about the type of candle as much. Now... well, I cant do an event without about 1 of every 4 customers asking if they are soy candles. They dont know why they are asking and to be perfectly honest, they aren't educated at all. But that doesn't matter, they want soy because its the big craze right now. I provide what customer want.. or at least try to. In fact, I can barely get into a new store without them first asking if my candles are soy. Lol. Just the way it is right now. People tend to care much more now than they used to. Regardless if those concerns are misguided. But to clarify on adding soy to your blend. If the soy is less than 50%, I just call it a blend or "with soy". If its over 50%, you can call it soy from what I understand. Gotta love American regulations right.... ridiculous. But.. live within the rules. In my soy candles, for what they lack in throw compared to parrafin.. I just use a higher FO load. Plus they make up for it by burning a bit cleaner and slower.
  14. I use 6006 in about 1/3 of my stuff. Those i jist call blends because they are only 30% soy. Everything else i blend myself, other candles and wax melts. I also use mottling parrafin in some jars. The higher the soy... definitely less throw than parrafin. Apples to apples of course. You can get them similar by adding more fo or blending.
  15. Some added like 15% FO. Which is crazy and not advised. Most uae using a parasoy. If its over 50% soy, you can call it soy. Just cant call it all natural, or organic, or 100% spy, etc.