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  1. Thank you!!!! I am new to this and afraid to mess things up!!!
  2. Hello! I am wondering if anyone has experience w wooden wicks using IGI 6006 parasoy blend and also what glass containers you have had best success with. Thank you in advance! ~The Rookie! 😉
  3. @Jcandleattic Thank you! I appreciate your insight!
  4. Hello. I am new to candle making and I have 20 candles in gift bags that I am bringing to a family member today as they live out of town. My question is, he will be leaving them in his car all day while at a funeral. The temps will be in the 20’s. They are in gift bags, and in a cardboard box. Will they be ok or do I need to wrap the box in a blanket? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I very new to candle making (less than a month). After lots of research and reading reviews I am using 6006 Para/Soy blend. I absolutely love these candles and the hot throw they give! I am wondering how best to store finished products. Do I put them in a tote in the basement, keep them out of a tote and just stored in their glass jar, etc. I live in MN and the temps in the house during winters can range depending on where they are stored. My my goal is to make candles to sell to family and friends throughout the year so I’ll be making batches every month. Tha
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