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  1. Why would Fillmore raise the price of Christmas tree by 30%? Seems ridiculous to me, I know the raw materials didn't go up that much. I guess take advantage when you know you have a good product.
  2. Can you use essential oils in wax melts? If so how much? I've read were heating essential oils can turn toxic, anyone else hear this?
  3. Does anyone else think Fillmore's Christmas Tree smells different? And not in a good way.
  4. Thanks, that is actually a single pour, no repour.
  5. Why do my tops have this downward tapper from the outside then the climb back up the wick? Im using 6006 poured into warm glass at 170. Thanks
  6. I can't decide If I should add this scent. Does anyone sell it? If so how does it do? I would think with the popular pumpkin spice latte drinks sold that people would like the scent. I have tested with three people and only one loved it.
  7. I want using it at the time but was considering trying it before it vanished. Just curious if peoples thoughts and if can they plan on going back. Who knows if it's even the same. Can someone please share if they are using it once again and how its working.
  8. Why is nobody talking about this? When these were discontinued you would of thought life on earth was coming to an end. The price and CS seems high though. What did it cost? Are people going back? Thoughts?
  9. So here is where I think your math is wrong. First you don't have shipping in there but thats not what Im talking about. Your good up to the 1.089 a pound. At that point divide by 16 because there are 16 ounces in a pound. Now your at .068 an ounce X 5 = .34 for 5 ounces. Let me know what you think.
  10. Im not sure your math is correct, it should be about .40 for wax unless your only using 2 oz. And what containers cost only .10-.20 ?
  11. I want the large plastic ones with multiple holes in the first pic but I can only find them from one place and its; $30 for 50random pcs, they all don't have the multiple holes.
  12. Are there any centering device's for double wicking besides the bow tie style?
  13. I can actually get them from Canada for .13, when my son goes and visits he brings me back a case.
  14. I buy about 10,000 a year from Fillmore, no problems. I just haven't gotten around to buying from Impact. Maple's are the exact same, their issue is they play with the price which drives me nuts. The real question I want to know is were in the heck does Fillmore buy from? I cant believe they get that much of a discount buying in bulk from Impact. They bothe sell them for .16 each
  15. Pouring to hot and cooling to fast. Pour at 150-160
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