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  1. wthomas57

    4630 glass adhesion/wet spots

    Yah, I'm not a fan of ECOs at all. They start off ok for a bit but end up with huge wild flames and lots of soot. Next to impossible to size correctly. If I i use them, its only in soy or soy blends, never in parrafin. There are several options for 4630 that all work similarly. Id try LX, HTP, Zinc, Cotton, Paper, etc... all before I'd settled on ECO.
  2. wthomas57

    4630 glass adhesion/wet spots

    Agree with you. Yes, I prefer waxes with less wet spot issues, but not a deal breaker for me or anything. And yes, 4630 throws great. I will say I haven't had great wicking results with it. little too much soot for me even when wicked correctly. But, I still use it some.. mostly to blend
  3. I use several depending on application. Mostly 6006 and 3022 for parasoy. mottling wax for parrafin. And combination of several for wax melts. I only tested Quantum waxes because i like to test everything. I didn't have much intention of switching to it unless it rocked my world. Instead its rocking my trash can. The stuff just flat out sucks.... to be frank. Its not the wick. Its the wax. Lol.. I tried every wick I have... which is pretty much every wick I know that is out there including those. Same result.... terrible results across the board. Its not just the wick either, the wax is bad all around.
  4. wthomas57

    Temporary labeling

    I used to do that, but it always got too cluttered and hard to read. I even had labels/notes fall off or misplaced from the test candle sometimes as well. Having all my testing records in one place has worked great. I buy my number tags (sort of like an asset tag without a barcode) in a roll online for very cheap. Has always worked well for me.
  5. I gave up on it a while back. Terrible stuff. I literally can't tell you anything I liked other than its in pellet form. Lol.
  6. Yah, I can't imagine what the issue could be. Its boggling.
  7. Oh yes. this has been a constant issue for probably 4-6 months. Any computer or device, same result. Every time I log in.. whether its an hour later, a day later, a week later, etc.... same result. It wants a password change every time. my "normal" job is an I.T. manager.... So, I have already checked every typical thing it could be on my end. At first I chalked it up to forum issues and then I just walked away for a bit as I was busy with other things. Figured, when I came back... it wouldn't be an issue anymore. Still has been the last several weeks/couple of months though. What I would prefer to do at this point, honestly, is just make a new profile and move on. Would probably be good to go. But I would hate to lose my history (posts, reputation pts, conversations, and so on). But, if there is a way to transfer my profile data to a new account I would definitely be up for that. I dont care about profile/account name. i can change that no big deal. Thanks
  8. wthomas57

    Temporary labeling

    I label every tester with numbered labels and then keep a book/chart/spreadsheet with the numbers and their respective details.
  9. wthomas57

    4630 glass adhesion/wet spots

    4630 is one of the worst waxes as far as glass adhesion goes. Even if you warm jars and do everything under the sun to prevent them early on... they will show up soon anyways. With 4630 you either have to just accept it and stop worrying about it or move on if it bothers you enough.
  10. For the past couple of months, every single time i try to log in, it tells me my password is wrong. So, I reset it and then log in successfully. Then.. I kid you not, I can try logging back out and back in with new credentials, and I am told the same thing. I have to repeat this process EVERY SINGLE time i login for the last couple of months. Its very frustrating and one of the reasons I stopped being active. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks
  11. wthomas57

    6006 cure time

    same for me. Seems harder consistency than in the past, but may be just imagining it. haven't noticed any burning issues that I am aware of though.
  12. wthomas57

    6006 cure time

    I buy mine from both Candle Science and Lonestar. I haven't noticed issues with either to this point. Sometimes I have a harder time noticing scent, but that is from candle nose more than anything ya know. I am around fragrance so much that you get used to it. So I usually ask someone else or put it in a room I am not around and then go check periodically. Its always better than I think it is. I will say that I have no issues with 6006 and certain fragrance. Generally if I find a weak fragrance, then its weak in any wax I use. I really love using 3022, maybe more than 6006... but I find it less forgiving on Fragrances. Ill have more fragrance issues with 3022 than I do 6006.. more so the more I use each.
  13. Correct, I didn't mean anything rude by it at all. I was honestly thinking they may have been confusing it with another wax as 6006 I wouldn't consider messy. Thanks for having my back. :)
  14. Yah, I could care less about the color of candles... but hands down, customers prefer color. Its not even close. Especially around holidays. Someone mentioned they dont like the cost of coloring (dont remember who), but there is VERY little cost.... I mean, pennies per candle if that. A few drops of color cost nothing. I think the most any candle has cost me in color was still under 10 cents and that was to get a true red or black. The worst part about color is having to deal with the color, lol. But you get used to it. Its not that I dont sell any that are non-colored. But colored sells about 20-1 for me now over the long run. Actually its much higher than that. The 20 to 1 ration included scents that make sense to be white or creamy with no color. So, those are non colored anyways. All in all, I will sell 0 blue spruce that are off-white while selling 50 that are colored.