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Pirate Scents...Arrrrrrr


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Drink up me Hearties - wine scent

Parrot - Tropical island scent

Blackjack - Ocean & linen scents

Patchy - leather scent

Limeys - of course limes (these were used to prevent scurvy)

I would to think up some more but I'm heading out for coffee!!

I can't imagine what a pirate smell would be. I know it aint any cologne type,lol.

Some ideas to get you guys going

Ship, swords, treasure chest,coins,

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Not sure of any specific scents but a few names pop in my head...

Black Pearl

Blackbeard (Naturally mentioned that one)

Buried Treasure

Queen Anne's Revenge

Naturally already mentioned this one but forgot the Captain (in front of Jack Sparrow). I recently saw the preview for the upcoming Pirates movie and someone called him Jack Sparrow, he says I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a Captain in front of that. I immediately thought of that when I saw the name.

And this one was mentioned already but you gotta have a bottle of rum.

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Walk the Plank

Sunken Treasure; Buried Treasure; Treasure Island; Treasure Map

Davey Jones Locker

Parrot Island

Carribean Cutless; Dagger

Jamaican Rum

Seven Seas

Treasure Chest

Pirate Cove

Skullery Maid; Wench

Cabin Boy; First Mate; Powder Monkey; Gunner

Captain Hook; Kidd; Morgan; Blackbeard

Skull and Crossbones; Jolly Roger

Pirate Ship

Spanish Dubloons

Pirate Booty


Tortuga Bay; Port Royal, Barbary Coast

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Thanks everyone....those are all great ideas, so far I only had Black Pearl but now I have alot to work with. I wasn't sure what the liability is or is not if you use names from the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie. So if you name a candle "Jack Sparrow" is that copyright infringement? I may just stick with more generic names just to be on the safe side...lol

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You could use any of the names that have actual historical referances without a problem. While Jack Sparrow might be a copywrite issue you could easily use something similar like "Crazy Jack" and folks will probobly make the connection on thier own.

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I'm thinking about making some Pirate-y type scents, have a few ideas in my mind but was wondering if anyone else has any good ideas for names and scents...any thoughts are much appreciated! :wink2:

You can name one after the notorious female pirate, Anne Bonnie, using "Butt Naked," and call it: "Anne Bonnie's Booty."

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