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    Hi, I'm one of those shy about posting newbies! I love to try different fragrances, especially in tarts. Just beginning to make some candles for myself and friends. Hope to pursue more candlemaking further in the future. My job takes all my time now!

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  1. Pops pipe is still available. I just got a sample, but to me it is not really a strong tobacco scent
  2. You are so correct about Pure Sugar Cookie! Burning it now. Thank you again!
  3. Oh my word...I'm so happy I cant stand it. Looking through Pure site and I found Moonworks Autumn Embers, which I thought was gone forever...one of my favorites I will order Sugar Cookie too....Thank you!
  4. Looking for a Sugars Cookie fragrance oil that throws well in soy wax. Cant find the Peak's dupe that I used anywhere. 🙁
  5. Fragrance Buddy has some Peaks I just discovered, but not the Peppermint http://www.fragrancebuddy.com/search.aspx?find=peaks&log=false
  6. They used to have the best Bayberry ever. Have not found anything even close
  7. I ended up ordering Just Scents Buttery Gingerbread and Honey Gingerbread. The HG is very similar to Backwoods HG out of bottle so I will be testing soon. Thank you for all the suggestions!
  8. That would be amazing! I would be interested in a few pounds
  9. I know it's a long shot, but Backwoods Candle( has been out of business ) but they had a Honey Gingerbread scent that was amazing. Wondering if anyone has ever duped it or carries anything similar. Thank you!
  10. No, green would not work at all..lol. Amber jars...brilliant idea. I never would have thought of that! The wax ends up a reddish color anyway.
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