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What to mix with Patchouli?


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I apologize if this has been talked about. I tried a search and didn't find anything. I have a friend who LOVES the smell of patchouli (gag) but her husband doesn't. She wants me to come up with some sort of mix that will appease her husband, but still give her the patchouli she loves. (I have the FO, not the EO). I don't have very many single note FO's so I would probably have to order something. I just don't know where to start since I can't stand the scent. Anyone have any good recommendations for me???



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I didn't like patchouli until I bought Patchouli Honey from Elements. I've been a fan ever since! Its also a best seller for me in both candles and soap. Its my #1 seller in soap. So I have come to love patchouli, or at least patch blends.

Patchouli blends with lots of other oils:


Sandalwood or Cedarwood

Pine, Fir, Spruce, etc.

Orange, Cranberry, Lemon, Raspberry, Peach, etc.






Greens; grass, lemongrass, bamboo, etc.

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One of my favorite mixes in incense is:





(You could try that.)

It's actually one part of each, but I suspect that a potent patch will overwhelm it all ... just saying that even though that's how it should be lol ... you might have to watch it to tame it down ... your friend's husband should understand that patch is an aphrodisiac.

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i love patch!! i tried a mix of MW patch (2), NG patch (1) and ICS pump pie filling (2) & CS pump souffle (1) for pumpkin patch. so it was 1/2 pump-1/2 patch and it was wonderful-even my friends who dont like patch loved it! really good for this time of year.


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