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Anyone know what this fo might be?


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I am trying to find a specific scent that is described as "sweet and buttery. A delicious mixture of caramel and rich maple combined with nuts in a buttery cream base". A local business used to sell this and has went out of business and I am getting tons of requests for this scent and am clueless of what it might be.

The previous store called it "Buckeye" but I am assuming that is a created name because we are in Ohio..lol.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Backwoods has a Sugar Maple fo that has a similar description:

"A warm inviting blend of rich maple, sweet caramel, buttery brown sugar, creamy vanilla and toasted pecans."

I *swear* I've read your description recently though! If I run across it again I'll post it here. :cheesy2:

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I Googled the entire description you put and came up with what looks like a candle shop (in South Jersey...not Ohio like you mentioned). That place calls it "Chestnuts and Brown" although I'm guessing they meant Brown Sugar? Nature's Garden has a Chestnut Brown Sugar FO; here's the description:

A succulent aroma that is reminiscent of fall time with top notes of caramel, brown sugar, nutty characters, maple, and butter; followed by powdery middle notes; sitting on a fresh, full-bodied base note of chestnut.

It doesn't sound exactly like what you wrote, but it might be a starting point? Rustic Escentuals also has one, but the description is pretty long-winded without a whole lot of detail so I'm not sure if it's got what you're looking for. So does Taylored Concepts. Hope that helps a little!

ETA: I think I found it! http://www.justscent.com/page92-ss2.html

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I have found the link for the fragrance oil finder to be really helpful. I have searched by just a single word or scent and it brings up anything with that ingredient & its description. That might be helpful to find what you are looking for (although I have found that it is not 100% updated with all scents). I know the link to the fragrance oil finder is somewhere on this message board. I have the link saved to my favorites but not sure if I am allowed to post it here or not. Maybe someone can help direct you better than me. I am still finding my way around this board.

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