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bubble bar madness

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I want to know how you get such great colors?? I did some and they started out a really pretty lime green. Within a week they were a gross looking gray!!

Those are really pretty and who can argue with the logic of a little one!! :yay:

forgot to answer this :)

I used celestial colorings..this works perfectly with bubble bars..I totally suck at coloring my bath bombs though..grr!!

I am going to post some of my white strawberry bath bombs .. I am color challenged at bath bombs..

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I've used Celestial Colors for my bath bombs. You just have to work FAST! to stop any attempt at fizzing. But it IS possible.

I did them perfectly the first time I used them..then my beginners luck ran out :(

I have made some lovely cow pie looking ones with fab-o color..but none very pretty..

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I am with you!! I cannot get them right to save my life!!

So now this tells me that I just bought 10 lbs of the stuff for no good reason lol. I have a feeling this will drive me crazy trying to figure them out as well.

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