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Foodie Scented Bath Bombs


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Been playing the last couple of weeks with foodie scents. Still working on my color formulas and being more artistic with my colors/designs.

Top row left to right: Candied Apple, Orange Juice Cake, Toasted Marshmallow

Bottom row left to right: Frosted Lime Cupcake, Raspberry Zinger

All fo's from NG


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Hey these are great!! :)

What are you using to mold them? I need to figure out a way to keep mine from squashing.. as they sit, they kinda sink down and get sad looking... lol

Thanks everyone.

LouLou, these are made with the 60mm plastic molds and with the extra mix from each batch I use the small stainless steel bombs from the co-op (not pictured) and call them pedi-bombs. If your bombs are squishing and flattening, I suspect your mixture is too wet. Try mixing it a bit more to dry it out some before molding, or use less liquids.

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Thanks again all.

Carebear, all the FO's have lots of vanilla in them but haven't discolored at all (they are about 4 weeks in). I did reduce the oils (from my cupcake recipe) and added epsom salts which I don't put in my cupcake bombs.

The cupcakes would unmold just fine, but I found that the spheres wouldn't so thus the change.

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