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CS Reviews on Love Spell, Holly Berry, Hawaiin Breeze....


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:thumbsup: Love Spell - 1.25oz/pp soy wax - 1 Day cure time.

Cold throw was a nice soft scent. So I did not expect it to be kick butt burning!! OMG - I am not a floral/perfume type person, but this one I must say is very nice and strong!!! I was testing in my bedroom and it flowed all the way out through my entire up stairs. Good Dupe to VS..:cheesy2:

Holly Berry - 1.25oz/pp soy wax - 1 Day cure time.

Cold throw ok. Hot throw was not what I expected. This one is ok, Med throw. Nice scent ,but not a strong as I expected and a little on the perfumy side ????

I can smell the pine, but not much berry. Not to sure about this one yet...

Hawaiian Breeze - 1.25oz/pp soy wax - 1 Day cure time.

Wow.. Stong cold throw. Hot throw is Very Floral.

It's like a field of fragrant flowers dripping with honeysuckles. :rolleyes2 :laugh2:

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I love hawaiian breeze from LS, it is a nice tropical scent, have never tried CS.

Thanks for the reviews!

I'm glad to hear it has a tropical flair. I once made some clamshells with a sample of Hawaiian Breeze that I loved but threw away the bottle and could not remember where I got it. So I have been searching for someone who carried it. I got to give this one a try.

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Hawaiian Breeze didn't get a very good review on their website.

I just read that girl's review and have to completely disagree with her! I think it smells great OOB. I plan to make tarts with it this weekend. It doesn't smell like a frou-frou umbrella drink, but it is a nice, light, fruity fragrance that I personally thought smelled awesome! Definitely no "celery" notes detected here :laugh2:

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Did you girls burn Hawaiian Breeze..

It's a very floral scent IMO..

A lot like honeysuckle..

I am burning Meadow now.. Great cold throw. Like fresh cut grass.

But burning, it is very light and faint. I was hoping it would be a little stonger.

I am bummed on that one.

Mistletoe - Tested that one too!! CAN YOU SAY WINNER!!

This is a wonderful blend of greens and berries..

I know this will be a big hit over Christmas!!!:cheesy2:

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Glad to hear that about Mistletoe. I LOVED BNL's version so when I decided to order samples from CS I ordered this one. OOB...it is super strong so I am glad to know it does well in wax. I'm hoping to pour some of my samples this week.

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OOB hawaiian breeze to me smells very floral and I like it. To me it smells a lot like tuberose with a little something else.

If you want a more tropical one then try their ocean breeze. To me it smells great and a lot like the hawaiian breeze from LS but maybe not quite as sweet.

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