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The price of being nice


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Never be nice in business...

This little old lady has been buying from me for many months, she works in an hospital and place large orders for the staff.

First she didn't want to buy in my Etsy store instead she convo these large orders then she didn't want to pay with Paypal so I sent her an invoice via my website's shopping card...her two first orders where for around $50.00 and the payment went thru without problems.

A couple of weeks ago she asked me to ship the items before I got the payment because she had to collect the money from the other ladies... This is such a nice friendly lady and she orders every weeks, so to be nice stupid me went ahead and shipped her 2 boxes...

Now she has another large order and claims she sent me the payment and that the money was taken out of her bank account. I use Authorize.net to process my credit card payments and not only are there no records of her last payment but all she ever paid for are the first 2 small orders...

So about now she got around $500.00 of candles and tarts and only paid $100.00...:( that's a great deal since I think that she is selling my stuff.

So don't be nice and beware of little old ladies!

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Sounds like you got ripped off!

I would write a strongly worded letter of non-payment (have it delivered so she must sign for it) and demand proof that the money was taken from the account, then provide proof that the money was NOT put into yours. If she does not respond, bring that to the police station and file a police report.

It sucks to have to do but thats theft, straight up. Dont let it slide.

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I would file against her in court. In Utah, if the business was completed in my state (making the candles) I can sue in my state and this person will have to come here. Send her invoices that require signatures. 1st notice, second notice then final notice. If she fails to respond, I would sue granny!!

Call your local courthouse and see what they require before you proceed and go from there. I called the one in my city when I had to sue some people. Took time and patience to follow all the steps, but in the end I won every case. (had nothing to do with candles at the time) Lastly, don't be nice and back off if she starts crying. Stay stuff.

Good luck and I hope it works out for you!!

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Tell her to provide you with tangible proof of payment- that you have no record at all. Nothing. She must have credit card statements or something like that. Everyone has a paper trail. Once she cannot provide you with this simple information, then you can proceed from there.

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