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New Years Goals?


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Happy New Year from Australia.

This year we are planning on building the wholesale side of the business, which we have already started in the last few days of 2009. Markets are nice to do, to get out and chat to the customers and get some direct feedback, but boy can they be hard work.

Much easier to receive an order, package it up and book the courier to take it away :)

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1. Focus on the family..

2. Concentrate on business plan and getting more business.

3. Clean out spare bedroom & garage of candle supplies.

4. Get used the the name grandma....After 4 years our kids are

finally pregnant.

5. Take a vacation this year!!!We haven't had one for 3 years.

6. Pay-off my bills so I have 0 balance.

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Be prepared!! Be more organized. Have lots of stock on hand so there's a real good chance that I have something ready when someone wants it but having said that, I just know someone will want some obscure scent that I havent sold in 6 months!

Oh and Im going to have all my xmas presents BOUGHT AND WRAPPED by MARCH!!

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Rearrange my candle work area

Work on more business advertising

Slow down and don't get out of shape if things get in a tizzy like it always seems when it come to craft time. Start earlier for one thing.

Eat healthier and gain my 12 lbs back. I felt much better then and looked better. It will be broccoli at least once a week or maybe twice. Love it.

Try to get to bed earlier. Seems always something to do at the last minute and I won't sleep till I do it.

Pay off my CC.I won't charge on it now to get it down but like everyone knows it takes forever to pay off.I HATE CC's.

MIGHT change a building we have behind our house to a candle shop. It is ready to have some re-decorating. I know just how I want it IF my husband has time.

And last........ I am on my husband NOT smoke near me.He MUST go out but it is cold now. So far he is going to the basement but it took 3 days and me catching him sneak a cigarette in the living room. This is something he WILL be doing this year and my new resolution is not to let him slip. :)


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1) Organize candles so inventory is not such a pain!

2) Find more consignment/wholesale opportunities. Had a bit of a scare a couple weeks ago after hauling a glass order to the basement. After some twinges in my chest and dizziness, I went to the doctor to be told I need to see a cardiologist. Dr asked "well, didn't you notice it was difficult to breath - I said sure I did, but I am 20 lbs overweight and smoke :rolleyes2 Sorry about going on about this - apparently I am a bit more unnerved by this than I thought. I must be one of the few that cannot stand doing craft shows - and it is not just the hauling and setting up - never went to these before and really don't care to waste my time sitting around all day - I would rather be in the shop making candles!! :)

Anyway - since it looks like lifting will be at a minimum for a little while, I need to reorganize....will be using the search on this site to scope it out. I know I have done this before and been amazed at how organized some people are - hoping to learn from them!

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Work on getting some wholesale accounts close to home.

Finish the website (i'm building it myself and it is taking too long.) :)

Develop a marketing plan that I can see quantifiable results with. Word of mouth is great, but I want to see numbers this year. :)

Keep things simple...

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Business Goals:


2. redesign website

3. get off my hiney and get a few more wholesale accounts

4. marketing!

Personal goals:

1. GET ORGANIZED! (notice a pattern here?)

2. Shed some of the "extra" stuff in our house and figure out what we REALLY need, buh bye to the rest

3. Get healthier (lose weight, get out & walk, etc more often)

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