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favorite places to find FOs


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It's my addiction...just when I think "OK that's enough", then I see some posts about a certain FO company, then that's a new order. LOL I usually like the sites that have customer ratings and comments, that seems to help me. But taste in scent is so personal and what one person loves another may hate. My list is AH/RE, SC's, CC,MW's,SG,NG,CS, & SW. Read this site it really helps.


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Well here goes.It depends on what scents I want to carry.I am fortunate to have 3 local suppliers.


The Candlemakers Store

The Candle Source


Nature's Garden




Seems like a couple more. I read/hear about some good scents then I have to try them.That is the way I get my suppliers.


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Some of it clearly depends on what sort of crafting you'll be doing. Suppliers that have amazing oils for soaping aren't always the best for candles. The oils that work well in some waxes won't throw well in others.

I started with thecandlesource scents and got an idea of what I liked and didn't like. Then decided to do soaps and lotions instead of candles and moved to Southern Soapers, Nature's Garden and the like.

Of course, the very best FO suppliers are the ones holding a sale!!

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