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Some photos I took today


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Those are SO nice! OK, tell me how you did that? I have a light box and can't get anything to come out looking "clean" like that. Maybe I'd move the flower a little, it's covering up the label on the left side.

Like those jars too!



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@Candlelady...No I didnt use a light box...when I use the one I have the pictures never look good. I rolled out a sheet of white banner paper (you can get it a Walmart in the craft section comes in 75ft roll) taped it to wall and draped down onto table. Placed candles on top and hit it with some side lighting. But to clean it up I use Adobe Photoshop Elements..(I think its about $99 at Best Buy)...to improve lighting and soften edges and thats about it. :cheesy2:

Oh...forgot to add...make sure you put your camera on macro setting or it will come out all blurry..lol..ask me how I know this!

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Love your photos and your candles. I have Photoshop Elements and have no idea how to use it. What did you do to clean it up as I often take photos I'd like to tidy up a bit? The only thing I use Elements for now is to resize a whole batch of photos for my website.

Your website is cute as well.

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Thanks everyone :smiley2:

@Firefly...There are so many things you can do with Photoshop Elements that it is a little overwhelming at first and I still have no idea what most of it does. Alot of it is trial and error, but what I found to be really helpful was a book I got at Barnes and Noble that explained alot of the mechanics in very simple and easy to read terms with pictures and diagrams. Here is the name of the book...

Photoshop Elements7

See it done. Do it yourself

Kate Binder

PM if you have any other questions about PS7 and I will do my best to help.:)

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@Quietgirl...the jars are from Alabaster but now I see that they have discontinued them..:(... (Serious panic setting in*faint*)

You can also get them from filmore but they are a little shorter and wider and it seems to make a difference in how my candle burns. I also saw them at Lonestar and I think they are just like the ones from Alabaster going to order a sample and hope for the best.

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