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Customer Service!!!

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Ok this is an e-mail I received yesterday and I just don't know if it is worth answering since this person think that only YC makes good candles...

"I do not want to come off RUDE,but everyone says their candles are highly scented, i seem to diff with some people. i am so afraid to buy from another person and have to email them after burning their candle for 3 hours and not smelling a thing. yet when i take off the cover it smells wonderful and i think oh this will be very fragrant. i only seem to have luck with yankee candle and im not sure why. everyone says they put their limit of scent in it.yet no scent in my home. i do liek one scent i see u have and its butternut pumpkin; i want to try it yet alittle skeptical. Ahat do u say to what i have explained."

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I wouldn't answer it. Sounds suspicious to me. If someone were going to buy something off a website but weren't sure about it they would ask specific questions. Not write a diatribe on cruddy candles. This person is fishing for something and you may have already provided it by just opening the email.

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Email back..

I Say....

Try it, you might like it..:cheesy2: I highly recommend it..

Thanks for asking..

If she likes it.. She will be back.. If not.. Oh well, no loss...:rolleyes2

I agree with Islandgirl! You're in a business, you received a question about your product (use the "there are no stupid questions" philosophy here :rolleyes2) you should answer it!

Hope the following example might help you come up with a reply! ...

...Unfortunately candles, like many consumer products, are something that you just have to purchase in order to try. Once you've tried the product then you can make the educated decision as to if it was a great candle or not. Of course we believe our candles are great and so do our repeat customers. However, your best solution would be to give us a try! You never know - you may even wind up making us (or insert company name here) your favorite candle company!

What do you think? HTH!!!

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